Can we talk Matchmaking?

Is there even a system in place to stop a 4/5man premade with players MUCH higher level than you joining and stomping the game?

Just had another capture game with a 4man premade on the other team much higher levels than us, and we got stomped, Again.

Surly if there in the LFG as a 4/5man group put them up against another 4/5 group.
Im fully aware thers ingame VOIP, but thats nothing when your lucky to have a single team member with a mic, i think iv had 4 in about 10 games.

Angry rant about Matchmaking.

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I’ve played with a group of randoms against 3-5 man higher-level premades and obliterated many of them. So it’s not like 5 friends will necessarily be better players.

True, but when they can easily organize a comp of tanks healers support and dps, u get smashed in solo queue, 9 out of 10 times NOBODY plays a tanky or healer class, my Miko is getting tired of being played.

hey dwrudland
are u daniel william?
i guess y cuz i have ur email
we were best friends in 1class :smiley:
Do u remember me?
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tell me ur name i wanna know if its u daniel

Sorry to say, but dwrudland hasnt been active here for over a year.
But please feel free to send him a PM to reach out in case he happens to log on sometime.