Can we transfer or bank money in Borderlands 3?

I’m just curious. Is there no way to save money somewhere so we don’t lose so much if we have to respawn?


There has been no such option in the series up to now so I don’t see why they’d put it in now.

Ok, thanks.

I really wish i could put money in the bank too

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On console you can do it with an alt in split screen, thats what i did in BL2

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If you could put money in the bank it could be a quick way to get around the limited storage space: Use the money to max out on backpack space on a new character as many times as necessary.


In borderlands 2 weren’t you able to put money in the bank?

There is no way to store, but to be honest, why would you need to? Money is probably the easiest thing to get in the game, next to ammo. You can even get items that boost the money drop. By the time you are doing Mayhem 3, you are earning millions like it is nothing.

No, the banks were gear only in 2. It would help some people if you could put money/eridium in the bank, however once all their characters’ sdus were maxed they would be back to no reason to use or transfer cash.

Not everyone uses Mayhem, as some don’t want the extra difficulty. Others want difficulty but not the randomness of mayhem modifiers.

Even without the Mayhem difficulty, getting money is no issue. I can understand that if you go for runs with your own set rules, you might get in trouble once in a while. That said, just grinding a boss over and over again with a good artifact, would rank in money fast. So, the simple solution would be: 1. Either adjust the difficulty so you don’t die as much or 2. Find a good farming method for getting more money.

Having the option to store money would in my eyes make most runs feel artificial and with no risk and little reward.