Can we Un-Trash the Psycho Stabber?

I just got done farming Norman Nates for this thing, and have come to find out it’s really unimpressive. I’m wondering if maybe it was supposed to have the same effect as the Face Puncher, considering it shoots knives; bit the effect is bugged. Either way, IMHO it should DEFINITELY get melee damage projectiles. Here’s my thoughts:
1: There are some non legendary weapons that can roll with a +120% melee damage already.
2: The Buttplug is only negligibly weaker from the front and then MASSIVELY stronger from behind.
3: It would be cool if two legendaries shot melee damage.
4. It shoots KNIVES. WTF is it doing NOT being melee!?



It’s a guaranteed 120%, which is nice, but beyond that, not every legendary is game breaking.

It has +120% melee damage and fixed melee accessories and Fires knives that have a parabolic trajectory.

So it does increase melee damage when meleeing. However it is not supposed to work like facepuncher (which fires melee damage). So it isn’t bugged.

While it would be nice to have other types of guns like facepuncher for one specific build, it isn’t necessary. Probably not wanted by non melee players either.

Besides I like that most legendaries are unique and have their own gimmick. It adds diversity and makes me want to try everone I get. Different legendaries with the exact same gimmick might get boring snd dilute the drop pool too much.

Also I would rather see shooting knives add bleed dot not do strictly melee damage.

It is nice, but aside from the guaranteed 120%, the gun was a huge dissappintement. The projectile damage and speed is trash, and I would love to see a ‘melee from afar’ weapon, not just the facepunchers scatter. You know what I mean? Comparing it to the 120% Linoge is just sad.

I don’t really think this would dilute anything. That fact that there’s two different Infinity pistols with the Hanging Chad and the OG Vladov made me super happy. If anything it would add more to the table. The Face puncher is already pretty niche considering it’s a shotgun. With the psycho stabbers bullet velocity being so low I thought a nice buff would be doing melee damage, considering that exactly what every insinct screams the gun should be.

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You are wrong on that.
You need to take into consideration synergies. The white elephant relic mine damage is based on the melee damage you do. For the face puncher, it’s based on pellet damage and not global damage of the item card. The psycho staber doing melee damage would have stronger mine explosion… and it wouldn’t be a so useless gun too.

I agree. It shoots knives they should do melee damage. It would enable us to get creative with the it, if the projectiles counted as melee damage.

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