Can y'all critique this sapper build?

I love community advice on this build I’m trying with ARs, a quickie and a Sapper mod.

After the changes today, I was thinking about moving 5 points out of SOR and into BM for click click and mag size

The goal with this build was to have 100% auto bear uptime and still use about half the fuel with CA and sabot rounds. Works wonders on trash but I don’t know about raids.


I’m confident you will still have Auto Bear most of the time in True Takedown but I am not sure if it will be effective with your build and playstyle. You’ll have to try it out.

I run Sapper with almost 100% Auto Bear uptime. It’s mainly for proccing anointments. My bear can kill a few mobs but I won’t rely on it for kills.

I would put 3 points in Click Click though for that extra gun damage but you will have to shift points around though.

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i would transfer some/all points from scrappy and some for the road to try to get to phalanx doctrine. if youre gonna aim for auto bear uptime youre not really gonna need some for the road much unless youre farming a boss. you can also survive without that much swap speed buffs

5/5 in grizzled can be overkill too, you could sacrifice 1-2 points for PD/fire in the skag den. more damage is always good

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Based on how Moze’s gun damage is calculated, you are better off specing into DM or Click Click, but not necessarily both. Since you want to have 100% up time on your gun when using the Sapper com, I might suggest moving the points out of TRL and DM into the Bottomless Mags tree so that you can unlock Forge.

Scrappy is also not going to do a tremendous amount for you unless you’re using Maliwan or COV guns.

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Thanks. I love that advice. I will drop 5 points from SoR to put into BM and get forge and click click.

Makes sense. I’ll do that

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