Can you adjust the HUD Size (for 3440x1440)?

Hi all. The original Homeworld was one of the first ever PC games I bought. I’ve been playing Homeworld 2 and then Homeworld Complex on every PC since! Great to see it back in hi def glory.

Only one question so far. The HUD seems crazy small @3440x1440. Really hard to see things and to pick items (ships/formations etc.) with the mouse. Is there a way, maybe in the config file, to boost the HUD size. I’ll probably have a look myself, but even if I find something it may not be the best way.

Any help very gratefully received!

So I found the HUD scaling option, which (a bit confusingly) is not in “Options”, but right on the game menu. It’s pretty big and obvious, I probably should have spotted it :flushed: , but I wasn’t looking there. Why not in Options?

But anyway, I’ve got a couple of problems with it:

  1. It doesn’t get remembered - you have to set it every time you start the game. Why? Can we have a fix please?

  2. (And this may sound picky!) None of the options are “right”. “1” (the default) is far too small.

“2” on the other hand is far too big

and I won’t even talk about 3 and 4 that just about fill the entire screen!!

Maybe they work great at 8/16K or something, but not much use to me! Although it may sound picky (it does even to me) I really do not think either HUD1 or HUD2 (which dominates the screen and takes away from its beauty!) is right and it would be great to get it fixed :smiley:

Is there someway, even hand editing the config, to set a HUD size kinda of midway between “1” and “2”. It would be good (but not essential) to set it precisely to find the right balance. Hopefully that would work for others with 3440x1440 displays.

(There is also a minor bug where if you choose the bigger HUD options and then go back to HUD1/HUD2 the right hand display is messed up, but it seems to fix itself the next time you open the HUD so it’s not a big deal.)

Edit: Just found this on Reddit:
…so it seems I might not be alone thinking the options for 1440p are not ideal.

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On full hd Res. The 1 Hud is too small, cant pick out Single ship Type Out From all. Even the icons Are Bad they loko all the Same. Hud 2 is too Big

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There really needs to be an option to scale the HUD elements independently from each other.


One problem I have is that the ship selection on the bottom right is way too small but the build menu has ridiculously scaled buttons. How am I supposed to even attempt to micromanage ships when I can’t even see their health. Even something as basic as seeing ships health is near impossible in the HW:RM UI.


I don’t think i would mind as much about the selected ships hud being so small if it was a bit easier to read. For me the monotone silhouettes aren’t easy to recognize at a glance.

I don’t think i would mind as much about the selected ships hud being so small if it was a bit easier to read.

This is an example of what it used to look like.

You have to admit though that the image I posted above of HUD1 is MUCH smaller than the old HW2 HUD. I agree the old colourful ship images helped recognition but still HUD1 is far too small, HUD2 is too big and ugly and they all make pretty poor use of the screen width. They should either provide a slider or repurpose the current 4 HUD options, so HUD4 = current HUD2 and the new HUD2&3 options are some way in between. I can’t imagine anyone has a high enough resolution screen to want to use the current HUD3&4 settings.

(And please, Gearbox, don’t forget to remember the setting too, between games! :slight_smile: )