Can You Beat Borderlands 3 With ONLY Rakk Attack? & How To

Heya Buddies, I haven’t done a new challenge run in a while so when I was looking for inspiration I looked at Fl4k and thought about how fun I was having with his Peregrine Class Mod Builds. I had already beat the Maliwan & Guardian Takedown without firing any bullets using a peregrine Build so I thought I’d Take it up a notch and beat the entire game with only Rakk Attacks. I’m halfway done with the run but I wanted to share my experience with it so far; We are centering it around a Peregrine Class Mod Build for obvious reasons but since we have to start the game without any class mods this run doesn’t get easy until mid way through.

One and Only Rule: Only deal damage from Rakk Attack Damage source. Peregrine Grenades count for this

My Journey Starts Here:

Due to this our damage as Flak early game is really bad it is often times very tedious when trying to kill the simplest of enemies. It took around 4 minutes to kill Mouth Piece which is huge drag because he really is just a 1 minute boss tops. We use points into Eager to Impress early game to allow our action skill cooldown to come back quicker since we have no other way to do it since we cannot deal critical hits to proc Head Count until we get access to grenades via Peregrine. Once we hit the milestone to get Class Mods we instantly farmed for a Peregrine and a good grenade. While farming for our Peregrine Class Mod we were lucky enough to get a Mirv-Tacular Hex which can deal crits nartually so we respecced our skill tree to the red tree for multiple points into Head Count since we no longer need Eager to Impress (of course when we have the chance to duel spec we will grab that skill point again). Head Count Increases our Action Skil Cooldown rate whenever we deal crits and the hex does crits for days. Because of this we get our Rakk Attack back really often mid/late game. Atm everything is dying really quickly with my Peregrine Hex combo but I will probably need to upgrade my grenade soon and I’m excited to see what will drop.

I want to return to this once I fully complete the run but for now this is all I have. The Run is very fun and I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to try playing the game in a unique way. Alrighty that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:


I like the idea.
Post more when you can!

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