Can You Beat Borderlands 3 With ONLY Slide Damage? & How To

As many of you guys know Sliding is one of the worst ways to deal damage in the game but seeing that I decided that beating the entire game w/ only slide damage would be my next big journey. Due to the nature of certain bosses I had to start this run on TVHM. (Perhaps in the future I will be brave enough to try from level 1 but with no artifacts Katagawa ball & Graveward would f–k me up)

I am proud to announce that (With a ton of trial & error) I have found a way to make this new Run a LOT more bearable w/ 3 Legendaries. Rules for this run are as follow:
Rule 1: You are only able to Directly Damage an Enemy From Slide Damage Source. (Artifacts & Shields that Boost Slide Damage or Modify Slides are allowed)
Rule 2: No Action Skills to Deal Damage.
Rule 3: And Obviously No Shooting Guns or Throwing Grenades

My Journey Starts here:

The 3 Legendaries I am using to make this run possible is Frozen Snowshoe, Moze Class mod Bloodletter & the Artifact Rocket Boots. Frozen Snowshoe is a shield that depletes all of your shield when you slide into an enemy causing a Cyro Blast based on how much shield is taken away. Once you deal the damage the Shield will then try to heal moze based on how much damage she dealt but since we are using the handy dandy Bloodletter all the healing instantly goes back into the shield allowing me to survive. Now where does the Rocket Boots come into play?

Rocket Boots Launches a max of 3 homing Incendiary Rockets that actually believe or not deal sliding damage as well which allows me to Proc the Frozen Snowshoe from long range which in turn will allow us to hit Katagawa Ball & Graveward w/ sliding damage.

The skill tree I am using isn’t perfect but here is a link to my build:

Now as I just said its not perfect at all but it gets the job done. There is a decent number of points I put in for experimental purposes that i never fixed like the Rushin’ Offensive & Vampyr Skill Point which doesn’t work with this build. The most important tree is the Orange one since it boosts our shields and allows us to survive when our shields gets depleted since Tenacious Defense gives us our Shield Back. Phalanx Doctrine Helps us with this build as well since that will us to gain more shield capacity the more enemies we defeat. With the Frozen Snowshoe the more shield capacity = more damage for us.

I carry 2 main guns w/ me to boost my damage. The Name of the two are irrelevant since the anointment is what is boosting our damage. My main Gun Anointment is: When Enemies Are Above 90% Health Deal 300 % More Damage. My Secondary Gun Anointment is: When Below 50% Health Deal Radiation Damage.

The Anointment on our other gear is as follow:
Shield is: When Sliding Regains Shields
Grenade is: ASE 50% Bonus Element Damage (I Carry all of them just in case)

I’m pretty sure that covers everything. I tried my best to explain my challenge but my apologizes for missing anything if I did. The Video Link above is only part 1 but we covered a lot of ground with the first video & Already finished pandora & Half of Promethea. I’m excited to continue this run and thanks for reading all the way to the end if you did. Have a great day.


Sounds like a lot of fun. Similar to Psychotic Wolf’s Slam Cannon Moze build. He’s using the Snowshoe, Bloodletter, and a Spark Plug Launch Pad for the same effects.

Could do a slam only run as well.

I’m honestly unfamiliar with that build. Honestly I was going to try slam only run as well but that is for future. Thank you for informing me on that build.

It’s pretty ridiculous what the spark plug launch pad can do. He matches it with a plaguebearer for the snowshoe amp shot, but I’m guessing you could skip that part.

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Very interesting that the slam rockets and the spark thingy that gets left behind act as slide damage to proc the snowshoe. Honestly this is really cool thank you for linking this

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Cool idea, sounds like an interesting challenge run! Good post!

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