Can you Crit the Glowing Orbs on Dex?

I fought Dex the other night…hadn’t done so for a year or so…

Used EVERY damn round of ammo in my inventory…and then some.

Was thinking a Chaotic Evil Ranger Mod with a Crit Bonus/FR Boost…Bee…Sheriffs Badge and a Fire Infinity might be the way to go with the FR making up for the lack of Infinity’s pop.

And ammo is NOT an issue.

We are talking about a never ending Fire Hose…

I don’t recall if those are critical hit locations or his only hit locations… his health pool is so deep, I usually circle strafe him with a hovercraft.

I just did him and I think you are correct…those are his ONLY hit locations…never saw “Critical Hit” pop on screen.

I wonder if a Seeker would home in on the Orbs.

The Fire Hose method with a Bee/Chaotic Evil Ranger/Fire Infinity/Sheriff’s Badge was very effective. It still took about 12 minutes.

But if a Seeker would home in on the Orbs…that would be SWEET!

Decided to answer my own question.

The Seeker WILL NOT target the orbs in particular on Dex.

Best combo I have found that kills Dex fairly quickly and safely with zero ammo worries is:

Fire Infinity
Chaotic Evil Ranger
Sheriff’s Badge

Haha, I had a similar experience. I’ve fought him twice, once solo and once co-op. Took every bit of ammo, then just sat there with an Infinity for like 15-20 minutes. Tons of fun!!! Second only to Master Gee, boy those are some great fights.

I use a bee/sheriffs badge/NE lady fist with Maya and do not run out of ammo ( provided I am aiming good that day). Never timed it, but the fight goes pretty quick. OP0 BTW.

I really like the idea of a Lady Fist…will have to try a Fire one that I have.

But…am I getting any advantage from that 800% Critical Hit bonus??

When I hit the orgs, I am NOT seeing Critical Hit in Red…at least I haven’t noticed it…maybe because of the range.

Are the Orbs Critical Hit points???

If I recall correctly hitting the orbs gives crit damage.

Other sugestions for weapons could be anything with increased critical hit damage such as a bitch or bekah, they should work well while bee-amped.

I always ASSUMED they were criticals, never bothered to check though. It has been a while but I remember using a bitch with the bee and finding the lady fist was more effective, both were non elemental. never tried the infinity on him


You CAN Crit the Orbs!

I got a little closer and paid better attention and sure enough, the red “Critical Hit” was appearing ever so tiny because of the range.

Also confirmed…The Ladyfist just WRECKS those orbs.

Cut my kill time in half and had juuuuuust enough ammo.

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off topic a little, but can Dexi drop interfacer/Hawkeyes? Ive heard rumors but nothing seems confirmed. Any one know?

CONFIRMED…he can drop the Interfacer…not sure on the Hawkeye.

I got a Corrosive Interfacer off him a while ago.

But I don’t think he has the same Seraph loot pool as Vorac as I also got a Leadstorm off Dex jus the other day.

Thanks! That’s good to know. I don’t have the skills to farm voracidous.