Can you do another play through?

Finished the game, now I’m just running around in Mayhem. Is there a way to go through the game again with the same character? B2 you chose the normal or true vault hunter mode, is there such a thing here? If there is, I missed it.

After you select play in the main menu, before launching/continuing look at the bottom option for difficulty. You can change from Normal to True Vault Hunter Mode and repeat the story with additional scaling.

You might want to hold off doing it until you hit level 50; I’m not sure if you can repeat ad infinitum and you may want your unique quest rewards to scale to level 50.

As MrChips stated, you can do True Vault Hunter Mode, accessing it from the main menu. After you finish that you can actually go through it again by resetting the missions from the main menu, which I like doing so I can have a 3rd full playthrough on TVHM with Mayhem 3 mode activated.

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Duh, thanks guys. I did the same thing that my dad did, I use to eye roll him, not reading all the stuff on the page…:roll_eyes: