Can you end Auto Bear early to save cooldown?

I’ve never tried the Auto Bear and Dakka combo, but one question I have is, if your fight ends can you do something to end auto bear, or does it just stomp around following you until the fuel runs out?

Auto Bear has fixed duration. Or are you asking about the Iron Cub?

I have this legendary mod called Overcast Kiloton Rocketeer, and it says “Auto Bear lasts the rest of the duration that IB had left if Moze goes out early. Removes any refunded cooldown for exiting early”.

The way I play now, I usually have half to three-quarters of the fuel left after a fight, and I exit early for the big cooldown reduction. With this mod, it reads like I’d be losing that. I just wasn’t sure what would happen to IB once this happens. It sounds like he’d just keep wandering around until the fuel is gone.

It stays until it runs out but it doesn’t wander. The only way to get rid of it is for it to be killed by damage or by casting another Iron Bear. It’s easy to build into cooldown to get another Iron Bear before it’s needed though.


Yeah. IB will stay on the same spot until he is gone but if you spec on Grizzled or use anoints on IB exit, cooldown stuff, IB will be ready again even before that IB dies

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I see what you’re saying…because of Grizzled, every time I kill an enemy while he’s just standing there, his cooldown is getting reduced. That’s interesting. I sort of wondered how that skill worked.

Oh, and just so I have this right…while using Auto Bear and Dakka Bear, I could enter a boss fight, jump into IB, then exit and get on the turret. Once I’m inside the turret, does IB target whichever enemy I’m shooting at?

IB targets whatever it wants.

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The cooldown timer starts as soon as you exit iron bear. If you’re not using the Rocketeer and just standard auto bear, you do get refunded a portion of your cooldown if you hop out before iron bear’s duration is finished and auto bear will stay in place for about 15 seconds. The Rocketeer trades out the refunded cooldown for extending auto bear’s time based on how much time iron bear had remaining when you hopped out.

Best way to use the Rocketeer is to exit immediately after calling iron bear. Also auto bear doesn’t use up fuel when firing his weapons. As an example, he can spam the nukes for the entire Rocketeer duration.