Can you farm captain haunt?

i’ve been killing him and then going back to the slaughter shaft to get more skulls or whatever they are.

Is there anyway to farm him the old fashion way? I tried to save and quit and it appeared that this was not an option.

What is the method you guys are using?

You need to collect the goo everytime you want to kill Haunt.


Ah, ok fair enough that’s what I figured. What is the best gear/anointments to look out for during this event?

And will they still work after the event? Ie if I have a grenade mod that applies terror on ASE and something else that consumes it, would that interaction still work after bloody harvest?

Personally I take a trip to eden 6 and kill Braddock the anointed for a chance to get a facepuncher with terror on melee anoint. Terror still works after the event and the most practical way to generate it is said facepuncher

if your after anoints for unique halloween items there isnt any…

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the fearmonger and the sniper are fine I already found them anointed, apparently it is only the shield and grenade that have the problem of never coming with anoints

oh i forgot about fearmonger , and the sniper i forget name of but yeah shield/nade cant be annoited

That rifle is the Stalker - if anyone’s got one, no matter how crappy, I’m open for donations (Adabiviak on Steam, SHiFT, and Epic, but if you send it to Epic, let me know). :smile:

There is a spot for just the event legendaries on the spreadsheet.

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I farm him this way;

  • Turn OFF mayhem. There is nothing along the way weapon-wise that I want to pick up.
  • Go to Slaughter Shaft
  • 3 minutes later you have enough goo to go again
  • Go to Heck, still with Mayhem off, and blitz through all those guys
  • Right before you drop into the Haunt area turn Mayhem back on (I’m hitting him at M-10)
  • Game does it’s thing, you drop down and kill him at M-10 and get the rewards. Oh, wait, so far this morning I’ve gotten 3 purples and 6 blues, no legendaries

I have no reason to do the preliminaries in Mayhem, so I skip it.