Can you farm Pimpernel, Sandhawk and other DLC mission reward items at lvl 80?

Hi chums. I’ve got to level 80 and farmed lloyts of good weapons however my favourites are from the DLCs - Pimpernel, Interfacer, Sandhawk. Thing is I’ve done them all and on Xbox there doesn’t seem to be a way to reset the DLCs?

Anyone know if there’s a way to get them at lvl 80?

Feel free to hit me up HeavenlyOrphan6 if you have any spares but I’m also willing to farm if there’s a a way?

The official answer is to reset your playthrough.
Available when you “Select Character” -> “Ultimate Mode” Triangle on PS… I’m guessing “Y” on Xbox.

That WILL reset ALL your UVHM playthrough. Starting back in Liar’s Berg.

After re-reading this I actually undestand what you mean. But at lvl 80 would my XP now stay still during another playthrough? I don’t want to lose my lvl 80 character and I certainly don’t want my XP to start creeping up or be rest to lvl 72 AGAIN after spending a week farming my favourite toys back!

Nothing on your character change. Xp, level, gear…
The only thing that reset are the missions.

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You mean missions as in side missions or entire playthroughs including DLCs?

I’m fine with doing another playthrough tbh at lvl 80 with legenghdary gear. Might even enjoy it. I’ve done about 30 playthroughs I reckon lol but not for a couple of years now.

If XP stays the same and I don’t lose my gear I might actually give that a go.

Entire playthrough including DLCs.
Don’t worry about your character. It’s meant for end game. Not to piss people off! :smiley:

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Would be nice to reset single DLC.


I agree.

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Yeah. Tbh Captain Scarlet is the only one I need. Oh and Hammerlock as well actually cause Interfacer…

Yet another playthrough wuld be a bit of a B0re actually tbh.

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… And don’t forget Torgues vending machines.
And Buttstalion from TTAoDK…

It’s a chore. But it’s fun.

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Yeah but I can’t get those items from there can I?

The loot train can be handy too. Easy farm. All I mostly seem to get is class mods though. A bit like with Tubbys.