Can you farm the Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge?

Title says it all. I got a +2417 max health and +17% reload speed and I really want a new one.

New character and backup your saves before this point. I’ve got mag size and reload speed on my first try.

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No you can’t, unless you save file edit (which is impossible on console).

IMO it’s seriously dumb how we can’t farm for a lot of gear in this game. Specifically mission and event gear. EVERYTHING should be farmable.


On PS4 you can back up a save just before turning in quest on a flash drive. If you don’t get a good roll, exit game and then copy save from drive back onto system storage and select overwrite.

Giant pain, but doable.

Arguably one of the most useful items to be added and given to you by claptrap, yet it’s unfarmable -even when he does something right it still has something annoying linked to it ffs

is it worth it lol honest question do you do it or feel like it’s too much hassle to rinse repeat?

Normally no. This time I did just to get a few different variations to play around with.

ah nice yeah I’m on xbox so I couldn’t do that but even if it was an option for me I would be like no thanks to much work around lol good that you can on ps4 though mind you

In all honesty… It doesn’t matter what roll you get with this relic. It stands on its own just fine. Maybe it’ll make more of a difference when mayhem 2.0 hits.

is it working as intended though? abbyhour stated that its damage is far above what it says on the card like 135% or something

It’s working as described. The way the percentages add up isn’t as straightforward as the card says, but the math is good. I’ve done the Maliwan Takedown on M4 with it and a pistol.

ah good to know I can’t seem to find a character to use it on sadly as I need specific rolls on alot of my relics

I’ll be trying it on my other characters tomorrow. Right now it’s the best artifact in the game.

What about icebreaker for zane?

also just realised my clone zane can use it as he has no real need for a specific relic lol I want to use my new shiny lol edit: I have two zanes one uses barrier and drone plus ice breaker the other drone and clone

Technically you can reset your playthrough in TVHM and replay the DLC, but that’s a lot of time per attempt.

I Agree! Gearbox…please make the Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge farmable in the next hotfix…update.