Can you get the Cryo/Frozen Prefix on Legendary Relic?

Is it possible to get the “Frozen damage”/“Cryo Effiecincy” modifier on a legendary relic? Cause that would work nicely with Zane.

The answer is yes. And it’s even better when combined with artifacts with the Ice Breaker prefix. So you get 35% bonus damage to frozen enemies and even more cryo efficiency.

Man…I wish I knew which was the best Artifact, sorry, not relic, for Zane. I was thinkin a Otto Idol just because moar heals=better.

Zane has enough healing skills in his tree that an Otto Idol is wasted on him.

It seems you are new around here. Firstly, welcome to the Zane gang! And here is the best resource on the forums for the best gear to use with Zane.