Can you guys do something about Pippie?

Like shoot it out of the airlock?

Seriously though, I really am getting irritated with the skittering around, blocking doorways, making horrid noises when idle while I’m doing bank stuff… at least move it somewhere where it isn’t as disruptive. Same goes for the random people, too. There really needs to be a space around the Lost Loot and player rooms where NPCs are programmed to avoid when wandering around.


Don’t really notice anything getting in your way getting around sanctuary. Are you on purpose letting npc’s and pippy get in your way? Because that is the only thing I can think that these things would get in your way. Lol.

I had this experience with pippy being super annoying but now it seems to have toned down or maybe I just got used to it lol

Pippie is gangster


I’ve never been blocked by Pippie, but it’s tiny and I remember how to jump. NPCs, on the other hand, frequently block the stairs between Marcus and the bridge. On rare occasions I’ve had an NPC briefly loiter in the doorway to my room, blocking entry/exit.


It sounds unlikely but it happens. I had the little lizard thing completely stop moving in the threshold to my characters room. I couldn’t walk through it, and jumping only made me hit the doorway.
At the very least they shouldn’t be able to go near our door


You touch Pippie I’m shooting you out the airlock.


I’ve gotten trapped in my room before by an NPC. Had to fast travel out to get free.


Yeah, sometimes the random npc’s will stand in doorways for a long time blocking you in or out of a room. Seems like they could be easily programmed to not stand in the doorways.


Or turn their collision off so they’re not in the way.


Fast travel to sanctuary…


Every time I stand near my bank, I’ll be blocked into the room by an NPC until I run to the other side of the room. It’s most certainly a nuisance at times. Yes, getting pinned down by enemies is another annoying thing.

I went down a couple times recently in a circle of slaughter and got a 2nd wind under an enemy who happened to jump on top of me while down. I could not break free, and wasn’t doing enough damage, had to go down again, and once killed/faded away, I was finally able to move. That one nearly lost the round because the other player went into FFYL right next to me, and I couldn’t save them, so they died.


For real never do that quest lol. It’s also great when randos come into your room and start shouting at you lol

Hate that thing! Always interrupting when sorting through your lost loot. That may be the most irritating thing in the whole game. And that includes Claptrap! Lol


We are talking about pippie. On sanctuary…

Title says “Can you guys do something about Pippie?”

If you need to get around anything in sanctuary. Fast travel to sanctuary. It’s only happened once to me. I couldn’t leave my room because an NPC was there. I backed up to the back of the room and it walked out of the door.

This is my favorite comment.

Turning off collision would honestly be great, as the NPCs are actually a lot worse than Pippie. I can deal with the weird noises enough and can jump over the little thing, but people will often just wander into a doorway or the narrow stairs next to Maurice and just stop. I’m confused as to why most of them are there in the first place, as many of them are called simply “[Planet] Civilian”, and not “Crimson Raider”. Did Sanctuary III become a taxi service?


the NPC humanoids are much worse. the worst thing Pippie ever did was tease people during the Bloody Harvest event by getting haunted by a loot ghost. Much like Kevins; Pippie is better than humans.

I think the random NPCs that pop up on the ship are Crimson Raider recruits and allies, it would explain why they keep turning up. Maybe they saw that “Join the Crimson Raiders” poster like Fl4k, Moze, Amara, and Zane did. or were ordered to accompany the Crimson Raiders by their respective leaders like Rhys, sending up Zer0 and Atlas soldiers to work on Sanctuary III, or Wainwright and Hammerlock directing Eden 6 people that work for them on board to help in the fight against the COV. (as far as that goes, do Athenian monks show up on the ship? they’re the ones that would make the least amount of sense appearing on board beyond supplying booze from the Holy Distillery, they can’t join in the fight in any meaningful way)


I agree, it’s bs we can’t pet Pippie the way we can pet Hermes

that’s what we’re talking about, right?


Pippie is as annoying as any enemy in the game. And it is an enemy which why it could haunted.

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