Can you guys please tell sony psn to stop nerfing are speeds. and can we have in game way send the videos

As i am sure you know sony nerfs and can see how sony throttles the speeds going into psn network ,

be nice have way to send you the videos so can show it to sony ,when you hit a dude 30 times no damage, and not just your game , other game and many people i talk to , online over last few years , like buddy comcast connection now got throttle on psn to 4mb download from 60mb, and even comcast is noticing it , even can test are connection on pingblotter and see , were the lost is at . it sucks. now wish would stayed on xbox.


Well go complain on the PlayStation forums then.

psn throttle speeds, so when got a strong connection sony , psn, is make it like when you got a ferrari move slow on there wall burn the tire out , and then keep going back and forth , trying to move through the wall. so lag spikes and game like this , it like can not hit people when your hitting them even on the videos can see . your hitting them not counting.

we all have , but going be up to game companies sony , at def ears now.

This is an issue for Sony to resolve. Not gearbox. They have no way of directly addressing this issue.