Can you have aother account in borderlands 3 ps4?

My bank is tapped out i have heard that you can make another account to get another bank do i have to create another shift account can i use the same email or do i need another one if a new profile does not have the dlc does that mean i cant store dlc items in the bank how does this work.

u can make another account, just add a 2nd player and it will have a new bank that u can trade with split screen, however lots just make mule charecters to hold items in their back pack, that way they all have accese to the bank, that way u don’t need to trade or connect another controller.

Thanks yeah i have about ten mules just wanted another bank to move the older level 60 weapons that are not buffed enough like lucians call rowans call etc but i think they will be buffed soon so i hate to throw them away with good anointments anyway thanks for the help.

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