Can you have the same data across multiple platforms?

I preordered the game for Playstation 4, and have been enjoying it. I bought the Season Pass and I am interested in being able to enjoy the game on both platforms, PS4 and PC. I’m just hesitant as it took quite a while to unlock the stuff that I did and the extra coin I spent for season pass. Since it’s all online, I was wondering if I would still retain the same data that I had on my PS4, including character, lore, skin, taunt progression/unlocks, season pass, and preorder bonus by having my shift account linked.

Excuse me if this has been asked in a way that was easy to search. I really couldn’t find it.

So far, I doubt it. However, down the road maybe. Microsoft is leading the charge on that one, but they don’t have it down yet, so very few games can. Using Shift, they might be able to do it easier, but I wouldn’t throw the money in yet as it’s not likely.

Sadly your stats on each platform are not linked. I’ve been leveling up separately on both PC and PS4.

If you ever decide to go for the trifecta and get an XB1, I’ll gladly help you level on that platform too!

It may be some time before I get an Xbox One. I just don’t have the money for one right now and if I did have that sort of money I have a number of other things I want to get first before picking one up. We’ll see how things go.

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