Can you just fix my character so this is fun?

I don’t play this game to be “balanced” I play this game to decimate enemies and see pretty colors. Why is balancing even needed in a PVE game? Flakk used to be fun, Moze definitely used to be fun, Amara is still dominating, and who is Zane? Why is this balance team so awful, you might actually be able to learn something from Riot’s balance team 10 years ago.

I kind of wish I could just get out of the DLC.


please take off your network plug .
everything can be slove when you not online. this game not dictator and force you stay with the crappy patch . before you throw this game away and ask for refund . just wanna tell you . you can
just go offline play and your stuff even flakker will back to normal . its will become a lovely thing
is you love to play with before.


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Oh here’s a unique topic idea we haven’t seen before.

Level yourself up a bit. Play on normal and switch it to easy. Stay in droughts where the skags are like level 3. You can decimate forever. One shot all enemies non stop fun.

I don’t understand the people who are like I just want to be OP. You can be! Just not on the hardest difficulties!