Can you link PC and Xbox characters?

I don’t think you can, but anyone know if you can link your xbox account for BL2 to your PC? Cross server saves I guess or cross server toons.



But the method still requires you to buy a PC copy. Which is ridiculously cheap right now.

I have copies on both just no idea how to get my characterz from pc on both

There is free software on the PC to do it. Just google it… I just did and there is a wealth of info on it.

And since you own copies on both platforms…you aren’t violating any license agreements that I am aware of.

You are simply copying a save file over to another platform that you already own as well.

I’m no barracks lawyer…but I don’t think anyone objects to you doing this. Especially at this late date of this particular game AND you already own both platforms.

But if there are some legalities involved I am unaware of, I suspect the mods will intervene on the thread.

Good Luck.

It’s…somewhat complicated.

Using PC software to import native xbox saves for use on pc doesn’t breach any ToS. Pretty much anything else beyond that does, though.

In regard to this forum, with all the grey areas this wanders into, we just don’t allow much discussion of this at all here.

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Exactly this.

Thanks everyone but that isn’t really what I am after.

I was hoping (although I didn’t think they did) that Handsome collection on Xbox and on PC would have cross saves kind of like what destiny is doing. Play on PC for a few days and then switch to xbox and play the same save game to continue and then switch back to PC to keep playing from Xbox.

Well here’s hoping BL3 has it when the game comes out on steam.

Yeah, that would be sweet. It seems so obvious. But it’s down to those lovely megacorporations.

I think it’s more likely to happen between XB1 and PC with MS’s commitment to both cross-play and their “play anywhere” system - saves shared and available through XBox Cloud to use with the same game/account between console and PC would be the perfectly logical next step. If this isn’t part of the next MS console package next year, imma gonna be a disappoint! I don’t think you’d see it added as a feature to older existing games though.

Yeah I was reading about Microsoft and Steam working together on making PC and Xbox cross platform. What I read was that Epic was not far enough along with multiplayer according to the article.

I am hoping BL3 has this as a feature.

Destiny 2 Cross Saving…I think…will be the ground breaker for the future.

I don’t have a lot of nice things to say about Bungie…unfortunately…but on this feature they are SPOT ON.

Now…it remains to be seen if and how they pull it off. After playing Destiny 2 for two years now, I have learned and re-learned over and over again…

What Bungie hypes and promises usually under delivers and underperforms. At least to me. NOBODY does hype like Bungie. They are just superb at it.

And very quickly after the release of new content, the really neat and fun stuff…they quickly nerf into the ground so as to regain “balance” whatever the hell that means…lol. Which demonstrates they never play tested it in the first place…