Can you list all the areas a Goliath spawns in? (Off the top of your head)

I just basically want to know it for NVHM and TVHM for future new character playthroughs. Thanks to ronnie rayburn its going to be new go to method of getting gear and relaxing during these modes.

So far I have

Frostburn Canyon
Dust (near black queen, that little bandit settlement)
Tundra Express
Eridium Blight (sometimes)
Goliath before completing once and future slab

Any others?

sawtooth cauldron?
The fridge?

Adding that to the list although I am trying to remember where there are any in the fridge? Low chance to spawn?

Basically just one per run, the one that lets you get the Smashead mission that seems to keep spawning from one of the closed doors, one up and one down I believe

From the start, as areas become available! :wink:

Frostburn Canyon - several spots, and lots of weak enemies to level up on

The Dust - Buzzard Achademy, Moonshiners shack and Bug Gulch

Tundra Express - Best method is to pop helmet, and let him chase you. Lead him out of the bandit camp, and level up on varkids. Bandits will usually kill them.

Sanctuary Hole - Bandits will usually kill them here, but… sometimes it works.

Thousand Cuts - A lone Goliath spawns above the stairs that lead down to Terra. Lure him across the bridge towards the next area.

Thousand Cuts (again) - At Brick’s place. Pop the Helmet on the BA Goliath to the right. He will usually jump down and go to work. Sometimes he beats up the other BA Goliath, who is passive. Kill the BA Marauders that spawn in, or they will usually kill him. If done right, he will reach GOD-liath before the other Goliaths spawn. Kill him, and pop the helmet on the 2nd BA Goliath /if he’s alive) that’s still standing beside Brick. Otherwise, just pop helmet on one of the others.

Thousand Cuts (yet again) - During “Defend the Slab tower” you have excellent opportunities to level them up on all the loaders. Fail the mission if you wanna repeat the farm!

Eridium Blight - Leveling up or bandits killing them is about 50/50 here. Best spot is the camp near “Lover’s Leap”

Sawtooth Cauldron - Lots of them here, but also lots of tough enemies. Can be tricky!

There’s also the Bandit Slaughterdome…

The best chances for success are in Frostburn Canyon, The Dust (Bug Gulch), Tundra Express and Thousand Cuts. You’ll need to take down most of the bandits, or at least widdle them down to really low health. Kill any enemy that can be a potential threat to your “pet”! :smile:

One of the best things about doing this is the hilarious dialogue you get from both goliaths and bandits. I love doing it!


Ah thanks for that I have no done missions in the Fridge in forever!

Good Lord ronnie that is an amazing list! Booking this one forever!


Sometimes you have to get them to chase you out of their spawn area in order to either keep them alive or to find enough enemies to kill. And this requires you to reach into your bag of tricks. Let me give you an example.

The Moonshiner’s shack in the Dust often spawn goliaths. My method for farming them starts with me getting a Catapult Technical. There’s a mound just outside the building with the vendor and two marauders (The Kung Fu Panda is on the wall on the inside). From there, you take out the three bandit technicals that roam this particular area. Do not approach the Moonshiner’s shack until thesee three are destroyed, or you’ll spawn the three spiderants that appear to the right of the shack. They will be killed by the bandit technicals if spawned to early.

Once the three technicals are gone, you can drive inside the fence, and slam a goliath with a barrel. Reverse, and let him go to work. Once he’s taken out the bandits, you lure him outside to the three spiderants on the right side. Stay in your car, but don’t kill the spiderants by running them over. If you’re lucky, one of them will be a queen. She will summon minions that will allow your boy to reach GOD-liath. But usually, he will reach ultimate on these.

You then need to lure him to follow you to the area behind the shack. Drive to the small cliff edge to the left of the shack. Wait until he jumps at you, and drive off the cliff. Let him jump again to get down from the cliff. Then you let him jump after you until you reach the three spiderants that spawn there. Keep the jumps short, or he will return to the shack.

If he hasn’t reached GOD-liath by the time these last three are dead, then you can do this to get him all the way. Let him destroy your car! He needs five kills in ultimate to reach next level, and there’s a Catch-a-ride right there. Sometimes they just stop chasing, and basically just stand there. You can still get him to punch you if you drive up to them. Do it so that the driver’s seat is right in front of him. They will only do one combination of punch(es), so you have to reverse a little and drive up again. Keep doing this until the car is destroyed. If you need more than one kill, just get a new car, and repeat.

If you level them up in Bug Gulch, you can also have them follow you up to the church where Gettle and Mobley spawn. You can let him do the killing if you need to. :smile:


That is one of the craziest adventures I have ever heard about it Ronnie. That sounds like 4 sidequests in one! I am looking forward to this challenge although I will admit there is a lot of testing to see how his pathing works exactly and line of sight stuff.

Do they just respond to gun shots to keep following you?


It’s not as difficult as it might sound. You just need to go about things in a certain way in some areas. That’s all! Usually, you just pop the helmet, and let them do their thing, while you babysit them a little. Other areas require a more “hands on” approach! But the thing I really wanted to get across is that sometimes, you can still level them up all the way, even if there are no more enemies. They can actually level up by killing you! It’s not my prefered method, ofc, but it works. You just need the respawn to be really close, or they will go back to normal again.

It’s usually just a matter of getting near tem. Once they have started chasing you, they will usually keep chasing you until you manage to shift their atention to an enemy, or until you kill them. There are a few places where they crap out. One of them is in the Dust, at the shack below the ramp. Another one is in Eridium Blight, at the upper right bandit camp. Once they leave their spawn areas there, they will usually go inactive, and rise to the sky.

Best chars to do this with are, ofc, Zero and Maya. Deception is an excellent decoy to make them shift their attention from you to an enemy. Phaselock is almost as good. This has taken me a long time to perfect, but I’m sure you’ll get things going nice and quick.

Ah thanks for clearing all of this up. And in even in your “Best Areas to farm Godliath” list I just want to be clear that they have a “chance” to spawn everywhere and sometimes you will run into zero of them right?

That’s correct! Thousand Cuts is the only exception. The three scenarios I stated earlier are guaranteed spawns. There’s always a lone Goliath coming in from the left after you killed the rest of the bandits in that section. The two BA Goliaths at Brick’s place are guaranteed, and during “Defend the Slab tower” they will keep spawning if the previous one dies.

Even if they aren’t guaranteed spawns in Frostburn, it’s very rare to not getting one at all. There are so many places where they can spawn, that it’s unlikely to miss out completely.

thanks for all your hardwork and typing I really appreciate it. This like a neat minigame within a game that I wish I had taken advantage of way more when I was first starting out. Better late than never for sure but man I am looking forward to purposely making new characters just so I can run into them.

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I gotta say, you make some great topics @WeskerMaster. Great questions - real pursuit of knowledge stuff :+1: :+1:

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Thanks Jefe. The truth of the matter is I have had these kind of questions of my mind for years since I started playing. I just finally stopped being lazy and joined the forums one day lol. The real greatness is you guys providing such detailed info and all the great resources on this site, it really makes the game for me with my particular OCD gaming habit of trying to find out every last ounce of info on the games i play.

You have helped me in a ton of topics as well Jefe I appreciate it.

P.S . - I have literally been bookmarking all these topics because it is such valuable info to me at least. I am all about making 1-50 as pain free as possible because I love how UVHM works with always scaling and truthfully I wish the whole game was like that but at least there is a nice change of pace.