Can you make challenges actually beatable?!

Huh, all I’ve ever seen it give me is maybe up to 50 credits or lives. I’ll have to keep a better look out for gear. I’m not 100% on it contributing on final score though considering that system is confusing as hell (normal score just adds points, but bonus makes the medal better. but others say that isn’t the case. IDK anymore)

Yeah kill swarmers is a pain because it doesn’t activate until I’ve already had to kill half of them and wolf kills the others which don’t count for the challenger.

But the one right before it, kill 3 channelers or something or something is the pain because I can’t find any of those guys anywhere.

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Actually, I’m fairly sure you NEED the bonus challenges to get enough points for gold in the Archive. That or I’m somehow missing chests somewhere even in a group of 5 rampaging near-perfectly (other than not completing said challenges).

Maybe. I suppose they could add enough extra points on missions with only one boss considering bonus score orbs are hard to come by in those missions. I just never see them adding score so maybe I’m just really unobservant (which I would not doubt lol)

This. The challenges are all varying levels of unfairness to impossible. A lot of the time this is due to them not firing off in time, and the stuff to complete them has already been done by the time it actually triggers.

Some of my FAVORITES are:

  • Score 1000 points. Retardedly, these are ONLY “counted” once an enemy is DEAD - you get ZERO points for hurting them…
  • Collect 1,000 shards. So often we have already cleared out all the f*cking shards by the time the challenge ACTUALLY decides to trigger…
  • Destroy 2 turrets. I have only even seen this one at the part before the locked door on The Void, but again - there ARE only 2 turrets there, so if someone has already killed one by the time the challenge FINALLY triggers, well then you get to eat sh*t waffles, good sir!
  • Kill 40 Swarmers. In most places this is simply IMPOSSIBLE, because either:
    A) The “mommy” swarmers do not spawn enough of the “babies” for you to kill.
    B) People kill the “mommy” swarmers and thus there are no “babies” to kill.
  • Kill a Mk X Bot (or w.e. those “sumo” robots are called) - they keep putting up those bullsht invulnerability shields, sometimes chaining them 3+ times IN A FCKING ROW, easing up AT LEAST 10 seconds of challenge time for each period…

A lot of these things wouldn’t be so much of an issue if they increased the time limit to something a bit more REASONABLE…

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I don’t see why this is an issue. You don’t get rewarded until it’s dead.

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The issue is in places where the only enemies are either the ones with those bullsh*t shields (which block a WAY larger area than their models I might add - try to shoot at their feet if you wanna see lol), or any other place where there’s only “heavy” enemies who take forever to kill.

It’s also a gigantic issue when they give it to you at the VERY start of the match. Not only are there often not even enough enemies TO kill, but people are weak as SH*T at the start of matches for the first few levels, so…

I dunno, there’s always a small space above the shield-wielders where you can hit them (and since it’s the top of their head, it’s pretty much crit alley), and heavy enemies gives more points per kill to compensate anyway. Also, you can get points from other sources like collectables.

Good luck killing them in time with melee though, with shields blocking your attacks and constantly knocking you back

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With melee I just brute force them fast enough anyway. :X You DID leave some cooldowns available for the heavy units, right?

Yes but you know what my cool downs are FOR? cloaking and pulling. points to avatar Not exactly helpful for taking down heavy units quickly.

That pulling cooldown actually does a fair chunk of damage (and honestly, in PvE you should be getting the stun helix choice, which also causes them to drop their big hulking shields for a while)

all the challenges are beatable. There are circumstances that you can put yourself in so you cant complete them.

If challenges are that important to you, simple rule…
stick with the group, If one person decides to “scout” ahead, they will trigger the challenge before the rest of the team can get there to help.

Archive - Collect shards. How to: DONT WANDER. follow the story, if you explore away from where your suppose to and scavenge chests and shards in certain areas you wont have enough for some missions, that’s the problem with an open world mission. There are 2 possible places for the shard collecting mission to trigger, and I know there are more then enough shards for both missions. I Solo’d those missions when I went ahead of the group :stuck_out_tongue:

Algorithm - Not anymore… they nerfed the ■■■■ out of them in the last patch. uber easy to kill now

“The one with wolf” lol “The Void’s Edge” - Only spot I know of where you need to kill certain enemies is when your passing through the ice caves area. Never had a problem finding the enemies.

The Void’s Edge - Swarmers. 2 problems with this mission that a lot of people don’t realize.

  1. cant do it with melee. the swarmers self destruct, and if the self destruct, it doesn’t count as a kill. so only range can kill them unless you are like El Dragon and just mow them down with clothes line.

-note- Wolf doesn’t kill the swarmers… he by passes that section all together, the whole… BAD TOUCH BAD TOUCH!!! bit… :wink:

  1. If you advance to far into the map when the mission begins, it cancels there spawn and you wont have that many to fight.

-Note- I like playing Benedict in Story, and that part I usually completely skip by flying over the gap. I usually run to the trigger area to check the mission first now, just in case…

Some other info I know SOME of you don’t realize… I say this because I see people walk past some of this stuff all the time. (so some of you that are having problems finding enough of something… I bet you missed a few spots)

Shards = You get shards from…
The GIANT crystals that usually power something.
The smaller orange crystals that stick out of the ground.
The Orange Translucent rectangular boxes that explode when you shoot/hit them.

"pick ups"
Shoot the small orange crystals to get a few drops instead of just running over them.

Open Loot chests (you can open loot chests by shooting/damaging them, faster when needing to open a bunch quickly)
Chests obviously, but destructables that drop pickups also count as loot boxes.
Shard Boxes, Crates, and those round basket ball size plants on the Eldrid planet also count. (and lots of people miss those)

Challenges are also not beatable if you finish the challenge objectives before they trigger. Like killing X number of enemies, which in a damage heavy group (or an Isic), can easily wipe out ALL of them before the prompt even appears. I’ve had may instances where I had to kill beserkers, only to have already killed them all. (Also, no, it’s not because of hitting triggers early; I frequently have this issue for the last wave in the Experiment)

Also for shards and collectables, you can also get them from killing enemies, just an FYI.

Oh. I forgot…
For killing X number of enemies, don’t destroy the anchors that spawn them.

Never had a problem with not enough enemies unless I destroyed what spawned them or activated a trigger that canceled reinforcements. But the challenges always trigger in the same spots, if you know where they trigger, just be prepared. Like I do with the swarmers in the void mission.

And I know you can get shards and other drops from kills, but its unreliable and takes too long to be worth mentioning

Not killing the anchors is counter-intuitive though, like saying if you want to get gold, DON’T rescue the data bots. (likewise for swarmers). Also, drops specifically is faster from killing enemies, especially in locations where there isn’t all that many chests/shards (like the bridge at the Renegade). And shards are sometimes easier to get the last few from enemies, especially in places where the shard boxes are placed out of range (like the 2nd defense area in Sabotage)

I don’t know about the medals and overall score. I got gold the first time on each mission, I always get the highest score on my team :slight_smile:. (Due in part to me taking all the chests/drops my teammates ignore)

Im just giving advice for completing the challenges.

2nd defense on sabotage, I know what 2 chard boxes your talking about lol. I never have a problem getting those since I only ever play Kleese on that mission since, atm its near impossible to beat without him (5-player)

I feel maybe I should somewhat retract my earlier mini-rant about double kills with Toby because I have realized something… the difficulty of the challenges even him out. I literally am in the middle of an advanced Algorithm run with him and have fully completed (0-100%) three of his lore challenges and I haven’t even fought Arachnis yet… hu.

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