Can You Miss Missions?

I have a feeling that some missions become unavailable if you don’t select them at certain times and that you can’t access them even after you complete the game. I’m pretty sure I saw this with that Wherefore Art Thou? mission which I skipped during TVHM and it never became available again. Can someone confirm this?

I have never experienced any missions becoming unavailable to me. I’m also the sort of person who always completes the main story before taking on the side-quests. I guess the closest thing would be the raid boss mission on Normal Vault Hunter Mode (at least I hope that’s what the first playthrough is called). Completing said mission on NVHM gives you a pretty lackluster SMG that cannot be obtained on higher difficulty modes.

ah the frostfire. as eel said, pretty sure that once available, always available until done.

as Poisonedbite says, I have rushed through the main mission on a few different toons, leaving the side missions till last, so far all side missions are there, so I believe that all side missions are available to do in the game regardless of when you take that mission.

the only exception I’ve had to that is in BL2, where depending on what part of the main mission you are on, certain side missions are locked out until you pass that point in the main mission.

yeah, cult of the firehawk.

Well I have noticed side missions going away during play for no apparent reason. Prime example is the one from Jack in his office (not on the bounty board) right after the scientists are killed. After you play a while this mission is no longer available. Infinite Loop I think it is.

They don’t disappear, they just become temporarily unavailable. That is because the quest giver, Jack in this case, is involved in a main mission. Once his role is fulfilled in that main quest he offers the mission again or it can be turned in now.

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The “Infinite Loop” mission is actually given by Jack, so when the story relocates him to the launch station office you have to go there instead. If you still don’t pick it up, you can get it from Jack (not the mission board) after defeating the sentinel back in his main office on Helios.

Nope. There are no missions that completing them would make other missions unavailable. If you play on multiplayer a lot, you may have joined someone’s game right as they were finishing it. Same goes if you went AFK shortly after joining a game. You may have completed it and not even realized it.