Can you now play the same character in PVP?

I was just in a match and the other team had 2 Oscar Mikes. Or is this a hack?

Someone said the other day that you get assigned Oscar Mike if you haven’t played the prologue, but can still be chosen by someone.

People can play any mode before they did the Prologue!!! Did´nt knew that…

I guess they would have joined someone else’s lobby? I have no idea if it is true, hence the way I qualified it. But it was given in response to the identical question.

are you sure it wasn’t foxtrot whiskey?

Nah, I’ve seen 2 Oscar mikes myself and have read that others have seen it before. I originally thought it was from selecting the same character at the same time but what @Misguided said makes more sense.

I played today and there were two Deande’s (I think her name is) on the same team. It freaked me out because they were both going after me.


I laughed to hard at this,

No its a glitch. Sometimes people don’t pick their hero and gets defaulted to a clone sometimes

Deande has a stealth that spawns a clone of herself.

Yeah I’m sure. They also had a Whiskey Foxtrot on their team.

This appears to be a glitch wherein if someone quits right before selection and then re-joins after, they can be randomly assigned an Oscar Mike even if someone else has chosen that character. This has happened once to me and I’ve seen posts and heard from others of this occurring. Likely not widespread or common enough to be a priority to address in patching at the moment…

This happened to us once. my friend chose oscar mike and one of the randoms didnt choose at all. If you let the countdown go all the way without choosing it chooses for you. And the random was assigned oscar. This is the only time i’ve ever experienced it.

yeah, it only appears to happen with Oscar Mike, I’ve not seen or nor seen reported this happening with other characters, so my guess is that it’s a minor bug in the random character assignment section where it doesn’t recognize that someone’s already chosen Oscar Mike… but just a guess, not seen anything official on it, but imagine they have higher priorities with patches

I think it’s supposed to pick a random character, but for some reason it doesn’t and defaults to Oscar Mike.

Are you serious?! Haha, I have not played with her yet. That would explain the double vision.

Yes its a real deal - Deande can set up to 3 or 4 nasty clones. You can see the difference when you look close, the clones have red eyes and glow a bit.

Makes sense, are UPR soldiers are all OM clones right?

Mhhh, actually Oscar Mike is a rarity in the UPR. The UPR had a joined mision with the Clone Army. For more check his lore if you can - its friggin hillarious!!!

Indeed I am corrected, he was a clone then he had his own like mind or personality then got rejected, much like WF is :slight_smile: