Can you play the Plutonium Pak

(Redxplatinum) #1

Is the 20th Anniversary World Tour version compatible with the Plutonium Pak? I use the console to play maps from the internet so I’m wondering if can play maps that require the Plutonium Pak. Some crash at start and others have black blocks at odd locations. Are these the consequences of playing maps that require Plutonium Pak on 20th Anniversary?

(PsychoGoatee bets on Duke) #2

Word Tour does include the Atomic Edition/Plutonium Pak’s added 4th episode and the patch changes that added to Duke 3D, for sure.

On playing classic user maps, I’ve had things like the skybox being black in WT etc, but you can play all of these user maps in eDuke32 as well with no problem. That’s a source port, similar to what GZDoom does for the Doom games, if you don’t have that. It’s cool, and will work with the Duke3D.grp included with World Tour.

(Redxplatinum) #3

I see, it might be the consequences of having custom art or new .con file maybe.