Can you please put in the mmoba quitters and afk and vote kick system in now PLEASE

it stupid when the people just quit and no pentaly for them, force them when they quit they got to wait til the match there in is ended, before then can join back in to any matchmaking games . There times were you got people working hard , setting up stuff and may be down some points, so can get the push then one or 2 people leave , since there to cheap get a mic. PS4 version. or willing to learn the game.

AFK it a joke been in a few matches were a dude or gal just sits there , ever few seconds fire a weapon so there not auto kicked or get a damn rat person just run in circles on the base so they can not die and they do not get auto kicked and get free points.

vote to kick be nice have the option so can kick out afk users, and if person just running in walls and stuff , can put the hard vote to kick in , if abused then make it so get vote to kick every 30 min to 2 hrs if people abused that. and if they abuse the vote to kicked , put warning up that if abused , you may suspend them from using vote to kick for 3 days to life time so they can not use it.

I was under the impression that you can’t join another game till the current one has ended.

it only on disconnections, you can dash board and close the game out , and it works normal, stupid , smite does not allow that .

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That sound seriously flawed. Wow.

I also agree and I’m visibly seeing the toll it’s taking on players from both having a bad matchmaking elo system(regardless of how much time it takes or not to start scaling effectively) and no penalty for leaving besides well just wait for your team to lose faster because you just handicapped them. More often than not the team will rush surrender because someone has trolled thus giving into the demand of the troll allowing him to be rewarded and re-que faster. Something honestly does need to be done.
I was talking with my brother who we play alot together and we are constantly getting 3v5 ,4v5, 2v5s and etc and my Suggestion on this matter is make a low priority que. You like to troll and ragequit to get what you want- here play with a whole bunch of other players who do the same thing and see how you like it? Make priority que like abit of an elo hell with longer wait times and play with other players with bad behavior , of course after one or two leaves you aren’t just thrown in Low Priority Que you get warnings. And to teach players to stop leaving during match you allow players in Low Player Que (LPQ) to be rewarded out by finishing a certain number of games to the end.

I know it sucks , i even got videos made , that shows were down from 500 points only to win . but as they afk or cheat it hurts the idea of the game,.

Yes i should’ve edited to mention they also need a report tag for this type of in game problem such as mic abuse cursing profanity of the such, intentional feeding/ griefing, leaving or trolling afk. Sure I haven’t seen it as ugly as any of that mentioned just the leaving part which is great but the bigger things get the badder the community risks becoming. I really am enjoying forums atm the non-toxic thing takes time getting used to but is quite refreshing overall

I feel the pain from this. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten into a match and have been doing well, just to look at the score and notice someone on my team has left. Honestly making it so that there is no penalty for leaving is very flawed. If I had a suggestion it would be to either give a stiff penalty for leavers (longer queues, difficult to match up with players with good behavior, etc) or add a way for people to drop in and drop out. That way matchmaking would go smoother as well, you could see your team line up, pick a character, and immediately fill a void the team had.

It really makes it hard to play the game and enjoy it. I really do like the game, but it is very frustrating to be in a match with low to no chance of winning. Like being lvl 24 and getting matched against a lvl 100, 84, and 76. But that’s for another topic. Lol