Can you please tell us what the end of the Heart of Ekkunar OP was supposed to mean? (Spoiler!)

I’m asking because with the way things are going, I don’t see any more content being ever released for Battleborn unfortunately, but I am still extremely curious what did the Heart of Ekkunar ending meant. Was he supposed to become a playable hero? Or return as archnemesis, now with void powers to boot?


I’m sure the devs are going to be extremely tight lipped about anything concerning battleborn’s future


I’m not asking about the future - the future is obvious, and that’s why I’m asking about what that Rendain moment was supposed to be, because I am sure we will never find out otherwise.

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For future reference though, I’d advise to not include major spoilers in the title of the thread.


That wasn’t Rendain at the end, it was Handsome Jack wearing Rendain’s body. I thought we all knew this?


Spoiler? Anyway.

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Isnt it obvious? Is a msg from leonor!!

He was his loyal subject for so long and is loyal to the empire but he was not a leader.

This could mean a lot, if is true what isic said this could mean a season 2.


I know some wouldnt pay 40$ or 20$ for a new dlc but me. I as person who doesnt like to spend in games i would pay 60$ maybe 80$ if they give me nova and her robot suit.


I slightly edited the title to avoid spoilers.

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Thank you image

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OK, in BL2 when Lilith looks up, after the Warrior is defeated, she sees what appear to be vaults across space.
In BB the picture is painted for some of those distant places. We can suppose.
In the Phoebe dlc the use of portals is hinted at, apparently Rendain can use them, he was not defeated.

All the DLC was completed in December last year, and there was hope for the Winter Update and the Free “Trial” Update. The idea was to keep on going. No plan could be revealed.

I will always love Battleborn, and I am not done playing this game. It’s my GotY 2016 and definitely in my most played game this year too (Prey and BotW are really good and I haven’t tried Horizon yet).

But at this point, it makes no sense for 2K to invest more money. The game and the servers can live on. A next update is still in the making, we can safely guess with bugfixing and more overly priced skins and taunts (+5$ for one skin? 2K/Marketing really hate what’s left of the community for imposing such an awful price)