Can you powerlevel your own accounts?

I’d like to transfer over the rest of my old PS3 characters that are all level 50. Is there a way for me to log into both of them on my account to powerlevel them up with my 72?

No. You have to log in under two separate accounts to split screen.

Ah that sucks. Maybe powerlevel someone on a second account and then use that account to powerlevel my own?

You could powerlevel your characters on the ps3 then transfer them to your ps4.

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As in join crossplay ps3 and ps4? Can you do that?

You need 2 controllers for your ps3. Ive done it with both games of the handsome collection.

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You need the level expansion packs though. If you didn’t buy them, i dont think you can go above 50. There were 2. One to go to level 61, the second to level 72.

Yeah, I didn’t buy them on the PS3, so I think I’ll have to level them on the PS4. I’ll probably just try to jump in with other people when they’re power leveling.