Can you refund Platinum-bought Operations?

If you buy one of the Operations on the Marketplace for 700 Platinum, can you refund it & get the 700 Platinum back? And if you can, do you keep the Skins/Gear from the Operations?

I dunno if anyone has actually tried. I’m gonna go ahead and guess no since, like you pointed out, the skins taunts and titles would stay with you.


You can check. I know that you have a total of 3 Plat-Purchase Refunds. I’ve only ever used it on Skins/Taunts, so I wouldn’t know.

Just go to the marketplace and press whatever button it is you need to press to bring up your purchase history and then scroll down to the Ops purchase and see if it gives you an option to refund.

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I’ve just jumped the gun & decided to purchase 1 of the Ops. After I’m done getting everything on it, I’ll attempt to refund it & see where it goes from there.

Can you refund the ops if it is dead? I haven’t for example been able to match-make at all on most recent phoebe ops. That que is always listed as wait “long” and just searches endlessly. Seems to be totally dead.

@snomes: Platform?

Why not go play it solo then?

So, I got everything from Toby’s Friendship Raid & when I went to refund it, I wasn’t given the option to.

Bought Oscar Mike vs the Battle School with the rest of my Platinum & immediately tried to refund it, but wasn’t given the option to refund.

So I guess that’s that.