Can you respec the guardian rank?

is there a way to respec my guardian rank? i skilld melee for amara, but now i am playing an elemantal build. :confused:


there’s no need to respec, i heard that every perks is capped at 15% soo

You can’t respec them. They’re also working for ALL of your vault hunters.

No. This wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t tie roid shields effectiveness to having your shield go down. And have Amara’s best movement speed skill also regen shields.

I’m pretty certain there is a roid shield that has a 0 shield balance while upping your health greatly. You may want to create a post on the appropriate trade section and see if anyone has a spare.

Honestly, I want to say it’s called the Rough Rider but I may be mixing it up with Borderlands 2 though. I know there is one though.

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Yeah the rough rider was great, but then that makes half of mindfulness useless as well so it’s a trade-off I suppose.

Oh damn, really? gotta have to say, I wish they wouldn’t hard cap it as hard as they did. I understand that it is probably for balancing reasons. But still, 15% hard cap is kind of weak sauce. I guess it’s better than nothing.

Yeah I mean you look at Diablo 3’s paragon ranks and you can keep leveling up max health for eternity, it just takes a looooong time after a while. Wish they did the same thing here just so there’s always more to upgrade

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That really sucks. They need to allow us to deactivate the buffs we don’t want. I guess you’ll have to farm for one of those 0 melee shields in the meantime for melee build. The Rough Rider I think?

Maybe they capped it now to save higher % after some DLC releases…?

I had a melee build for Amara as well. Now with Moze… it’s kinda useless.