Can you solo Maliwan True Takedown? Yes you can!

With the right gear, you can do it… Especially if I can. Of course, the right gear is going to be required, but I hope my video can show you how it’s done, with relative ease. The hard part is getting some of the gear that you’ll need. Luckily, most of it is pretty easy to acquire, and if you need help farming, and are on PC, I’d be more than happy to run some co-op with you to get you what you need.

Anyway, here’s my humble attempt at providing a straightforward way to completing the TTD:


Good guide. Even without fakegrasph, amara will still have around 40 stacks enough to complete it.

Thanks! You’re right. There’s no need for fake grasp, it just makes things quicker… Plus, it feels pretty awesome to one shot a group of enemies that just spawned… Lol

You only have to kill the 3 turret guards at the start to get into the next area. I just focus them and I’m in in less than 20 seconds.

Also Driver/Elemental Projector/Recursion with triple elemental anoints on shield, nade, and Recursion is WAY better for true takedown. You are insanely more tanky and can one shot every mob, the Valks, and Wotan phases with Recursion.

As much as I enjoy Phasezerker builds because they make every weapon OP (and it’s more accessible because all you really need is Phasezerker CM) you are super squishy and slow. If you wanna solo true takedown quickly, Driver is the way to go honestly.

Good run though. I woulda gone with different weapons, probably Maggie, Barrage, and Brainstormer.

Thanks for the feedback! I don’t use a driver because it didn’t fit with my play style. I’ve used it before and just can’t enjoy it as much as a Phasezerker or even a Breaker COM. I have solo’d the TTD with an Elementalist COM too… Lol…

I do speed runs as well. This video was made just to show the average player they can do it. Not everyone is into doing things as fast as they can. Here’s my fastest Amara run to date :

Phazerker make the true takedown quite easy as well ! Both playstyles have no problem soloing itand bot have their advantages (Driver faster, tankier ; Phaz easier to play, can use a lot of guns and artefact), so I don’t think one is so much better than the other !

Solo’d it for the first time today (“if I can …”)! Nobody joined my public game so I just finished it. Phasegrasp Amara, Mayhem 6. The new OPQ Atlas weapon helped a good bit. That & my standard corrosive Cutsman & Brainstormer.

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Awesome! And congrats!

Although its a good run ( and it is, watched it because I want to level up amara after, I started with Moze and soloed up to MH 6 Maliwan ), one thing that plays a good role in your run is your infinite fight for your life.

When you have less guardian ranks ( and lets be honest most people have way less than you, around 50-75 ranks unless you played 8 hours a day since launch ) you wont have that infinite FFYL and the second time you go down in that mode you die automatically, so it makes it a bit tougher.

Also, starting at MH6 or 7, there is only 2 weapons that do anything to the mobs in Maliwan, and they are the 2 cartel weapons, OPQ and Yellowcake. The rest don’t even move their health at all ( unless there is a build that I have not figured out.

Then again, your run confirmed that I wanted to try Amara second, which is surprising because it was my least favorite character during the trailers…

Good run!


It’s not infinite, but it does help. While my GR is high, you don’t need that much to max out each tree and get that perk. And if you have it, why not use it? After the next patch, I think it’ll be even easier to solo TTD in M10 with a variety of weapons.

That’s not true on the weapons. I’ve soloed TTD on M10 using Zerker Amara with only Recursions, only Boom Sickles, only Anarchys, only Hellshock and Krakatoa, only Kaosons, only Plaguebearers, only Backburners and with only a modded M10, 300/90 anointed Seventh Sense (because I love that gun still and hate how it was done dirty). Some are easier than others, but all are very viable. Obviously mixes of the above guns are great for this as well.

I find the monarch to be a very useful weapon for the takedown. Not tried it on true takedown but it is great for solo m10

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