Can you spare a weapon or 2?

Does anyone have any solid lvl 50 legendaries ? Or purple I suppose. I’m really looking for a lyuda and Luciana call. Also wanting a cutsman, monarch, the root or anything really that will help me get started on mayhem mode. I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks alot !
Gamertag: Sc077R0ck37 (0’s are zeroes)

You want 50 or 60? I’m all out of 50s which I dumped for 57s that I dumped for 60s…

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Sent you a lyuda but m10 version. Hope you can use it.

@Dalbuc preferably 50’s but I’ll take whatever you got to get rid of.

@YIPIKIYA thank you very much ! I should be able to use it unless it’s a lvl 60. I’m still at 50. Either way I really appreciate it .

Im farming general traunt right now and sent more but they are 60 level. If you can’t use them later just junk them. You’re welcome.
Ps, I don’t have level 50 stuff anymore so this is all I can do.

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@YIPIKIYA right on, thanks again. I’ll grow into the lvl 60’s soon enough. Is Gigamind, Traunt and Graveward still the way to go when it comes to farming ? I’ve been farming the Psychobillies on Eden-6 for XP. I can level up once about every 20 min. Bad thing is on Mayhem1 they only drop 1 legendary about 1 in every 3 or 4 spawns.

As far as xp the slaughter shafts are the way to go. So many badass enemies net goooood xp. If you unlocked one.

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Do you have the jackpot dlc?

I will say Cistern of Slaughter is not the way to go. That one isn’t as generous for whatever reason, the last wave gets stupid, and I perpetually ran out of ammo in there in round 5.

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Hit me up tomorrow ( I’m about to go to bed) I’ll do slaughter shaft with you you will be lvl60 in no time if you want that ofcourse :+1: my gt is mrbs87

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Yep but for xp as far as you can get will help tho.

@YIPIKIYA hey I just checked my mail and I know I already said thanks but thanks again bro. You hooked me up ! And to answer your earlier question, no I don’t have any of the DLC’s

No problem! Glad I could pass it along. Was wondering about the dlc"s because the first one has a great way to level.

@YIPIKIYA is that the one with all the claptraps ? I saw a video w a mega xo farm where you get tons of XP for killing all these claptraps. I might buy em after I hit lvl 60 and get settled in.

Yep that’s the one. But those slaughters are good too. The most popular is on pandora called konrads hold.

@YIPIKIYA si have another thread where I asked about the best farms. Legendary and XP and omeone suggested that. He said COV & COS at Konrad’s hold. Idk what the CoV stands for though. I’ve seen a Slaughter star somewhere I remember that. Maybe on Nekro idk

Cov stands for children of the vault, yeah slaughter star is another but konrads has bandits and they’re probably everyone’s favorite, I know their mine lol.

@YIPIKIYA oh ok I knew that, but I thought that challenge COV stood for something else. Do you ever farm the gold chest ? I’m guessing you know how to copy the keys so you have unlimited !? When I get bored I farm the chest, then I sell the spare loot and put towards SDU’s. Think I have like 220 keys right now.

Not really since what I farm for has dedicated locations. Plus the new dlc has some good gear. I use it mostly when leveling a new character since it gives low level legendaries.