Can you spare a weapon or 2?

@YIPIKIYA ya it usually does but I use a ‘loaded dice’ and idk if it helps or not (I’ve heard yes and no) but I’ve got some pretty decent legendaries between the chest and the Psychobillies. I want the root sniper but I can’t get it since it’s from a DLC

Depending on your rolls of that loaded dice it can be good. Hit up the trade section again for that root. There’s a lot of generous people willing to help. That’s why I try to when I can.

Fyi I think you’ll have to have the dlc to use the root tho.

@YIPIKIYA really ? That’s lame if so. You prolly got a good shield don’t you ? If not I got a lvl 60 cryo shield given to me that’s like 19kcapacity that you can have.

Oooh yeah im good, I appreciate that tho. You don’t owe me anything. I’ll actually send anything else your way while farming.

@YIPIKIYA no problem. Just thought I’d offer but I figured you was already set up.

If you wanna get to 60 then just let me know i can level you up pretty quick. It takes almost 2 full slaughter shafts runs on mayhem 10 to level someone from 1 to 60

@Tokethekronic ok I’ve being trying to decide if I wanna boost or just lvl up naturally. You can go ahead and add me on there if you want. Sc077R0ck37 (0’s are zeroes)

Sounds good ill add you soon here. If you ever want to be boosted just let me know. GT is tokethekronic

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@Dalbuc just got on and seen all the stuff you sent me. Thank you very much !!

No problem that was basically my farming results from this morning, it wasn’t a good day so the annoints on there stink.

@Dalbuc I’m plenty happy with it man.