Can you transfer Data from one Platform to another?

I’m lvl 105 on PS4 and soon I’m going to buy a gaming PC to play Battleborn in glorious ULTRA GRAPHICS OVER 9000 FPS !!!

But I don’t want to collect the gear I already got on my PS4 account (Plus I got some skins and taunts I bought)

Is there a way to transfer data from one platform to another ?

Nope, sorry; you must start fresh, unfortunately. Some people have found starting over a good experience though.

Some ? Who ? And how ? Lol

Where did you find them ?

I´d need to check the Shift terms again, but I´m very sure a workarround to transfer data from account A to new account B is illegal and breaking their terms.
So if there are people who managed this they are breaking their contracts with Shift.
(This could lead to juristic charges and a ban from Shift-networks.)

This Forum is no place to discuss such (possibly illegal) workarrounds.

In any case, I doubt there is a way to transfer your progress at all.

i can only recommend afk farming (you get participation bonus for standing around 2 hours doing nothing) and getting people to boost you through the missions (more people => better score => legendary lootpacks for platinum score). that way you would have at least a little bit for starting new. btw add me on steam if you want: Lehonay

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I got some problems with my account, that doesn’t let me add friends.
Would you mind adding me to your friends list ?

Whoops, my bad; that’s a miscommunication on my part, @ozcomingfroo. I was sleepy…

By “some people have made it work”, i meant starting fresh, haha. I’ll edit it.

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i’ll add you :slight_smile:

if you’re new to steam, that’s the reason you can’t add friends. you need to be steam level 1 to add friends. easiest way is to buy anything from the steam store