Can you transfer game saves/Characters from console to pc?

looking to move to pc soon and would like to keep the same character, so can anyone help pls?

i’m afraid not, unless you use a usb stick or something to manually retrieve the saves.

However, from what i know doing so would void your warranty, so i’d just deal with the fact that i have to start over, whether i’d like to or not.

I’m not entirely sure why there isn’t some sort of functionality to transfer your saves between consoles, even with the handsome collection you can only transfer saves from the same console family for some odd reason, but that’s just how the game is made, i guess.

You can’t use the new cloud save to transfer over to pc?

Yea, I was trying for ages with gibbed save editor and bruteforce and nothing was working for me :frowning:

careful with using mentioning that program here. the mods are touchy, though i think it’s kinda stupid.

i don’t make the rules, i just follow them.

i’ll keep that in mind, but i only want it to transfer saves and stuff. no cheating, already op. and it takes the fun out of the game.