Can you transfer save files between 2 ps4 consoles?

I often jump between 2 ps4 consoles in the same house both have bl3 downloaded to them. How can I transfer my saved games between consoles? This worked easy with all previous Bordlerlands games but I cant find a way to do it on BL3. Tried upload save game data and re downloading on 2nd PS4 and it wiped another save file of a different character.


^^^^This…I need this too.

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Asking the same. Any one know if this will get fixed later? Brother and i game together split screen, but we just got our own ps4 and bl3. Now he needs his saved character, lvl 30 on his ps4. He does not want to use a whole new character.


So frustrating. Its really limiting how much I play the game as I so frequently switch consoles depending where the rest of the family is watching t.v.

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USB thumb drive.

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Usb does not work unfortunately. What you need is playstation plus. You can use their onlinestorage to move your save data across.

Now you might ask “why not usb?” Well the save file is created for that specific User and PS4 . If you change account, you switch User, but keep the same playstation it won’t transfer.
Other way, you have the same User but different PS4, will also not work with usb.

Only way to transfer data between PS4 same user and different PS4 is by PlayStation Plus Online Storage

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I did what you are saying. Uploaded save game file of Flak and downloaded file on 2nd PS4. It worked but wiped out my other save files that were already on that PS4. So not really an ideal way to jump back and forward between system unless I only have on character on the go. Old system worked so well upload character and download character wherever you liked…

Right now you can do it via usb.

ZeroSteven says no. Anechyp says yes. Who is correct?

Anechyp is wrong unfortunately as he doesn’t understand that yes it can be done on Ps plus online storage but it overwrites the current character, even if it’s a different character altogether. I have tried this myself.
I have yet to try it on usb tho so I’ll do that shortly.


It should work as long as you are signed in to the correct account when you insert the USB and copy the files. Not sure if the system gives you access down to the single file level, but the process is described on the PS4 “manage files” support page on Sony’s web site.

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I gave it a try with a USB but got the same result as with the online storage process: when I download the characters it’ll overwrite the current characters in that console. I guess I’m stuck playing the same character for now until this is fixed… It’s surprising to me that such a simple feature hasn’t been included when it’s already included in the previous borderlands… To “upload” a character and then just simply access it in another console.


hopefully an option in the next patch as it seems like it should be such an easy fix.

That was originally introduced to allow importing saves to the Handsome Collection version of the game from PS3. The fact that you could also use it to transfer saves between multiple consoles seems to have been an unintended side effect - you can’t do it that way on XB1, for example.

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“glad” to know it isn’t just my problem. I wonder why save sync of same account on 2 different console is not working properly. I never had any similar problem before, while playing Destiny 1/2. T.T

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I’m pretty concerned because I started a split screen play through but idk if I’ll be able to play my character on my console:(

as long as you don’t have other characters on that console you will be ok

I do this often and it doesn’t over-ride your save files as long as you are playing the same account on both PS4s. USB drives and the cloud saves work - i alternate the saves in case the bank delete glitch appears. I have 4 characters with 3-4 mules so that’s 8 characters and none of them get deleted. Are you paying attention to the name of the file and time/date? Rename your character from the standard Zane/Moze/Amara to make it easier to find which is the right one.

I also have an alt PSN account of mules and when I restore the saves for my main account, it doesn’t touch these saves. I’ll be logged in at the same time with a controller for each and I don’t even need to logout of each account to get it done. The app/game needs to be closed though. I don’t trust the bank so I dump everything in mules categorized by weapon type etc. If you look at the USB each PSN is in their own folder (long line of numbers/characters).

Oh all the save data is on the same thumb drive. It’s technically three accounts as it’s my PSN, my alt PSN and my husband’s PSN. They never get muddled.

I started a siren at my house on the weekend but as I stay at my partners house during the week and play on her PS4 I was very sad to see character pending and the only option to start a new game. So I started a Moze playthrough but I want my siren back. Contacted 2K and Gearbox and nothing. I feel like when you spend lots of money on a game and membership to play it online but can’t carry your save on at someone else house even on your account for a AAA game is just poor. And uploading to a cloud is also a bit silly considering I can get my Facebook messages from 12 years ago.
Am I the only one who is seriously put off by this.
And now all these rumours going around about deleting characters after uploading and downloading just puts me off trying.
All I want is a reply saying we’ll get it sorted.
Not asking for much.
Considering I just gave ÂŁ50 to your company.

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This is more an issue with the way that PSN cloud sync works than anything to do with Gearbox - there’s no built in cloud save function, rather it’s whatever comes with the platform you are playing the game on. If you’re having issues with moving your saves from one PS4 to another, Sony Support should be able to help you. You will need to make sure the save is fully transferred before you launch the game though.

Did you get an auto-reply with a ticket number at least? If not, check your spam folder. The support desk is fielding a large volume of support requests, so response times are definitely longer than usual.