Can you upgrade your preorder

As said in title, just wondering if you can upgrade your preorder after purchase. Say I buy standard, can I then upgrade later to Super-Deluxe edition?

Cancel and pre-order again?

I haven’t done it yet xD just yet. Though I was thinking about just getting the base version and upgrading later, seeing as I want the ultimate addition I just don’t feel comfortable dropping the whole $99.99 all in one go. However, if I have to cancel it and reorder sounds like more trouble than its worth. <.<

You can always buy base version, and later the Season Pass. You will be missing the small stuff like trinkets and gold guns, but it’s not worth it to be honest.

I suppose you are right, probably would get bored of the trinkets or replace them with some rare boss drop item later on. There is also a probability that the items from the other editions will be in the season pass as well. Kinda want the XP-Booster mods just to have, but not really worth the $20 for digital goods. The only reason I was going to go for the ultimate was to get the season pass out of the way, thanks for the perspective. :slight_smile:

Well unless someone further clarifies I should probably go cancel my appointment for selling my kidney.

You should definitely cancel that appointment. You have two kidneys for a reason!

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Nope. We’re getting that kidney anyway… >.>

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Hahaha :rofl: this thread was useful and hilarious

Keep in mind though, buying the base game first and adding the season pass later will cost you around $20 more.