Can Zane's clone deal gun damage?

Can it? i can’t tell if it can or if it just appears that bullets are hitting enemies and only draw attention? if so do weapon effects like cloud kill work?

i don quite get the question

everything clone does is counted as if zane did the damage but the damage output is calculated by the formula which you can see in the zane sub forum here.

Clone Damage = (card dmg * .7 * Mayhem Scale) * (1 + donnybrook + boom enhance + double barrel + shield weapon damage) * action skill damage * splash * barrier * debuffs * old god/elemental bonus * amp * you standing in 0.m Circle * clone standing in 0.m circle

Mayhem Scaling = 1 + (enemy hp bonus * 0.3)

Soulrender on the clone is a map clearer.

Short answer: Yes.

Here is a video of me not shooting and letting the clone do all the work:

I bet he came here not to study math ^^

So from what I get the clone benefit from stats like weapon, splash skill damage aso on coms?

Clone’s damage does not scale with YOUR gun damage, but the Clone’s base gun does scale with mayhem and general gun boosts (for example if Dahl SMGs got buffed Clone would too).

For Double Barrel, if your question is whether Clone can proc your weapon’s legendary effects, I’m not sure. Clone can stack Anarchy, but I don’t know if it procs Cloud Kill.

@flightx3aa do you have an answer?


yah it procs legendary gun effects

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I have a different experience.
Took my #2 Zane through DLC4 at M-8 , and for fun I didn’t fire a shot during the first third. Just kept moving forward with Clone and Drone.
And they killed everything. Including the bosses. I just had master Zane run around avoiding damage while C&D killed everyone.

Clone was using either an O.P.Q. or a Light Show, depending on how I felt at the time.

So yes, Clone can do lots of gun damage.

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If you are asking if the Clone’s gun is actually doing damage: Yes. In fact, depending on your build and loadout, the Clone can actually be your main damage source.
And yes, the Clone benefits from inherent weapon effects. If you give the clone a weapon and he shoots it, it will do the same thing as if you were shooting it (not including anoints and a few other bonus effects that the Clone doesnt benefit from).