Canadian version of Brother in Arms?

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Canadian version of Brother in Arms?
You think it is possible to do the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalions?

Quote from wiki: " By the end of the war the battalion had gained a remarkable reputation: they never failed to complete a mission, and they never gave up an objective once taken. They are the only Canadians to participate in the Battle of the Bulge and had advanced deeper than any other Canadian unit into enemy territory."

They have enough fights to make at least a trilogy for a game. Not sure if they survived all the fights without replacements. I have never seen any WW2 game depicting of Canadians apart from Call of Duty and it was very little to do about canadians.

Edit: Another Quote from wiki.

“27 officers and 516 men from the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion took part in the Battle of Normandy and the unit suffered 367 casualties.”

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Somehow. From a marketing perspective. I don’t think Canadians would “sell” for a war game. Even thou we did participate in numerous missions. Some less known than others. For WWII specifically. Canadians we’re involve in the Battle of Italie. Not something often seen in games. Or heard in general.

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I’m pretty sure it will sell. Especially under Brothers in Arms name. Just like how Call of duty or Battlefield is selling under their own name. Battlefield 1 was a huge hit because it was something different and no one did WW1, but everyone was complaining it was missing French campaign and other factions.

A lot of people in the world knows WW2 history. If properly advertised. A lot people will buy it. Even when Call of Duty was doing Russian campaign and advertised it back in the days. It was a huge hit. Company of heroes 2 made a decent amount of money too, because it had good advertisement. Having Canadian campaign will be something different and people will actually buy it just to see Canadian perspective. I read forums why there are no Chinese campaign for WW2 games.

Right now I have not seen a single game about Canadians in WW2 except Call of Duty 3 which wasn’t that long.

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If Gearbox Software is going to continue the series I suggest they go to Canada and make a Canadian version under the same title too. It would definitely make a lot of international money on steam. Talk to the Vets before they are all gone. One of them even says “we’re brothers til we die” from the video. So obviously the title suits it.

Make it a big surprise to everyone in E3 just like when EA did Battlefield 1 or Company of Heroes 2 did Soviet campaign. Too many modern shooters in the market anyways.

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