(cancelled) Homeworld Remastered Community Fix

So, its been a while since the last update, and there is much unfinished work to be done. Good news: there is still quite a lot that can be done that doesn’t require major game-engine work.

Is anyone willing to group up and make a community ‘fix’ to put up on steam? Some work to be done includes weapon effects, missing sounds, attack priorities, and so on. I’ll pitch in what I can, but I don’t have the drive to make this happen alone.

If there is little traction here or no serious takers after a few days or so, I’ll let it rest. I guess part of me really wants to see the game up and going again.


I think it’s a good idea. At least for myself to contribute it’d have to be structured well for little contributions over time, a good starting place would be some way, perhaps a google doc if not a real issue tracker, to collect up a listing of all the little fixes needed. Personally for development I’d make a public repository somewhere, but I know not everyone is particularly familiar with source control software so I’m not sure that’s the best route.


Hmm, perhaps a steam group with a link to a google document should be created. I reinstalled the game, so I might go back and go through everything again and find the oddities that needs fixed and type them up.

Actually, while typing this I made a group on steam. Anyone can private message me here on the forums and I’ll send you the link.


I grabbed some of my old modding spreadsheets and mostly cleared them out to begin filling in data again. Also, an issue list/change log document has been created, so I’ll be filling it in slowly. Anyone who wants to help is welcome. Actually, I ask for help here!

For any who don’t want to get too deep into the actual modding aspect, feel free to private message me with an issue or bug that you have noticed. There are too many threads on the Homeworld forum about patch 2.0 problems, so I’m hoping this thread won’t become another bug list.

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Just out of curiosity, did anyone respond to you and did any sort of group form that is working on fixing some of the issues ? I’m just wondering because this thread didn’t get any such response but it might have happend through private messages and I was just curious to know :slight_smile: .

One person has messaged offering technical help, but that’s it so far.

That sounds rather disheartening :confused: I guess it has been too long for people to be motivated enough for an undertaking like this.

My mod will fix some of the issues that the game has in the vanilla hods, maybe we could share some resources, I used to have all those hod issues fixed for the 1.3 version of the game, but the 2.1 requires me to start over.

If you have any issue about with anything other than the hods, I can give you a hand.

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This is a lot of work that I’m not willing to do on my own here, as I simply don’t have the time or care enough anymore. Hope for Homeworld is dead to me now.

Thanks Gearbox for your amazing ‘development’ thus far… you showed promise, but didn’t quite finish your work.

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