Cannon / Torpedo assault rifles no damage?

I don’t recall this being an issue in BL2 but in my TPS play I swear I see my Cannon / Rocket / Torpedo type assault rifles hit a mob many times but do zero dmg.

Caveat - yes I am aware that in general ARs aren’t that great. But I’m using them for challenges.

Anyway, some specific examples:
1- Legendary KerBoom, explosive cannon projectile type AR. I see the projectiles hit a mob, but it seemingly does zero damage.

2- Purple Torpedo type ARs - slower than cannon type, launches these finned torpedo projectiles that has a higher dmg card value. Again, I can see 6-10 torpedo land on a mob, say a robot from claptastic, and it does zero dmg.

I’ve shot the infected mobs in veins of helios to little effect, and robots in claptastic DLC to little effect. They can’t all be explosive immune / resistant can they? It’s all I can think of why cannon / torpedo ARs would do zero to negligible dmg.

Note - oddly, if I shoot the ground near the mob, I actually do damage. Not a lot,but more than the zero or near zero from landing direct body shots.

Some of those cannons type have an arc iirc, I haven’t used them in ages so I could be wrong on that but if they do, that could explain why aiming at the ground causes damage and aiming directly at mobs shows nothing.

those types of guns aren’t very good in TPS.

Yes, they do have more arc than bullet type ARs, rocket cannons bit more than torpedo projectiles.

But aside from aiming issues, I’m seeing through my AR scope the projectiles that actually do directly hit the mobs body do no dmg or so little i dont really see the hp bar move.

Its weird to see most of a full clip of projectiles land full on body cemter mass and not see the hp bar move.

For example, using legendary Kerboom explosive cannon AR in Nexus map on the mission where you fight a bunch of robots that spawn in the security office. The robots dont move much so i can see my shots land dead on, but do no dmg


The rockets cause more damage if they hit a wall or the ground and then cause more damage than a direct hit.

The canon versions of ARs are Torque barreled. They will bounce of the enemy if you hit a critical (head) and not explode; doing zero damage. Try one on a target dummy, that’s how I figured it out.

Argh. I guess its punishing for having good aim. Wish i could use target dummies but cant get to them until i beat eclipse.

Its weird how you can first visit the deck 13 1/2 fast travel but cant get access back there again where target dummies are until eclipse is dead. Prob high enough now to beat normal mode eclipse and at least unlock it there.

AR challenges kinda suck with a rocket/cannon/torpedo type. Guess ill find a normal vladoff or other bullet AR

I’ve found that Vladof AR are the best.