Cannot access my old game, and kind of stuck on Sanctuary 3

Greetings All, I’m returning after a bit of a break. I own the Super Deluxe version of BL3 (playing on One X), Dowloaded the Krieg DLC, and now I cannot access my unfinished game (Bounty of Blood), or Fast Travel anywhere from Sanctuary 3 unless I use the Flight Navigator, and Drop Pod. Can anyone help? I also tried starting the Krieg mission to see if it would help. It didn’t. Thanks In Advance! :slight_smile:

Are you in TVHM mode or Normal mode?

I’m playing on TVHM Mayhem 2

I tried turning off TVHM. It didn’t change anything. I really hope I don’t have to Uninstall and Reinstall this game. Probably take hours. :grimacing: