Cannot acquire the flayer or revolution via the grinder

I’ve been trying for days now using nothing but dlc legendary, even tried triple luck cannon grinds and 2 legends plus a purple pistol or shotgun.

I also can’t seem to moonstone grind using dlc weapons in the recipe, is this an oversight?

All of this is on Xbox 360.

I also can’t Moonstone grind, but I have gotten a Luck Cannon from the Grinder, so I assume the Revolution and the Flayer are in there somewhere too.

As I said I’ve had every other dlc gun out of the grinder, must’ve done close to 200 grinds with neither showing up.

We can only really be sure if someone shows us a screenshots of both the Flayer and the Revolution in the grinder, you know how RNG is.

No RNG is this bad, even grinds that should be guaranteeing a pistol/shotty back have not rewarded me with a sniff of either gun, gotten plenty of luck cannons and assorted chaff like Sims or sledges shortly.

It’s actually extremely frustrating to try for over two hours a day for the last three days and not see either of them.

Combine that with the no moonstone grinding for dlc weapons and I wouldn’t be surprised if the grinder isn’t bugged in someway again.

I understand what you’re trying to say, but random is random…

I have Noticed that i am not able to grind the flayer. I noticed that when i was trying to produce a luck canon and needed some dlc weapons in the mix. i have yet to try to grind the revolution,

I too have spent hours grinding the new legendaries and am convinced that the Grinder will not produce a Flayer or Revolution. Grinding a mixture of Omni Cannons / Thunderfires and purple pistols I have had multiple Luck Cannons but never a Vladof pistol. Repeating with a purple shotgun kicks out tons of Flakkers and Sledges Shotguns but never a Flayer.

pretty much this. since Revs and Flayers can’t be put into the grinder, i doubt that you can receive em from the grinder.

But where the heck do they even drop? I haven’t seen anything about the flayer and the revolution dropping from BA bandits is unconfirmed.

i can only link you to my thread, where i asked the same:

Here’s the only flayer drop I’ve seen

this might be a side effect from GBX tinkering with the drop rates and chest rates.

last weekend, when they first played around with the rates, i did get glitched weapons from all chests in the DLC maps, not only from the glitched chests. this doesn’t seem to happen any more.

From what I’ve noticed the Proleterian Revolution is not grindable. I tried to grind one with two Luck Cannons but it wouldn’t let me (2 LC and 1 Kanedas Laser worked just fine) They drop pretty frequently from the Bandits in the Pandora Cluster though. As for the Flayer I only saw one drop from Eos. I still think a glitched Coach Gun outperforms it though :confused:

The Flayer can be obtained from the Grinder, that’s for sure:

But still, this weapon and Proletarian Revolution are non-grindable - I have no idea why: I tried to mix Proletarian Revolution with both vanilla and DLC legendaries, purples and even blues to see if PR is not a standard legendary (like Four Seasons grenade mod), but failed to find any combo which can actually grind PR.

I Agree, it happened during the first weekend when the event started.
And I was also getting constantly a lot of glitched weapons from them and only that weekend.

Congrats, nice! . . .
Did you try this combination to get it?
[ DLC2 Leg ] + [ Vanilla Leg ] + [ Jackobs Coach SG ]

To get Flayer, you need to grind DLC2 Legendary gun (except Proletarian Revolution and Flayer itself so far) + any Legendary gun from the base game OR 2nd DLC2 Legendary Gun + any purple shotgun, using Jakobs Coach as such is not mandatory.
I got this Flayer by mixing Thunderfire + Core Logan’s Gun + purple old Hyperion shotgun. :wink:


Thanks !!!

Just out of curiosity, I tried to grind 3 PR’s and it still wouldn’t work so I guess this one really won’t work, regardless of whatever combination one might try.

edit: Wooo! After just 3 tries, I got a Barbed Flayer. I used a Fusillade + Thunderfire + some purple Tediore shotgun I just picked up from “The Sum of Some Fears” mission.