Cannot capture missile frigate in mission 3 of HW1 (remastered)

I am unable to capture one of the enemy missile frigates in mission 3. I was able to rescue all 4 cryo trays, but when I use 2 salvage corvettes to capture the last remaining enemy frigate, all they do is dock with it; they do not attempt to capture it, and I cannot move them while docked. The enemy frigate, meanwhile, repairs itself, but still shows as an enemy unit. Is this a glitch, or is there something I’m missing?

Missile frigates?

I captured all four of them but they just went poof. You can’t actually capture them for you fleet like in the original.

It doesn’t seem to allow you to finish the mission unless you capture one. @Stuart98, I don’t know if they’re actually called “missile frigates”; all I know is that I can’t capture it.

They don’t fire anything that looks the slightest bit like a missile, I have no idea why you’re calling them that.

Just mouse over the unit bro. It’s an assault frigate.

Doesn’t matter how he called em now seriously… How about answering his question for help…

Yes it’s a glitch… I actually had no problems capping them all… Just destroy the frigate then. As CausticBane pointed out you can’t really capture them anyways… In the original if u capped 3 then you would have gotten 2. Here I capped 3 and had gotten 0. Probably to make things harder for us throughout the campaign.

I suspect it’s a hit and miss bug, in one of the campaign vids I saw someone had a taii assault frig in mission 4.

I latched 2 salvage corvettes onto the last frigate in the mission. They would not pull it back to the mothership. I also noticed that when I clicked on the frigate while my salvage corvettes were attached to it, the frigate had a speed of -211122399393.

Or something ridiculous like that. I suppose he thought he was moving in reverse, really, really, REALLY fast.

Oh. And he was also twitching. And I’m not joking.

I thought in the first game you would perhaps loose one of em to the reverse engineering, but after all the mission parts were done, you would receive at least 2 or 3 of the assault frigs.

I had no trouble instantly salvaging all of em, but yea, none were received afterwards in my own colors. Perhaps they were instantly reprocessed into RU?

I’ve got the same issue… locked 2 salvage corvettes onto the Assault Frigate, and now they won’t move. Same weird speed too. Bug post!

I salvaged five of the ten frigates M3 spawned for me, and I can confirm that they all auto-retired. I can’t tell whether it’s a glitch, or whether it’s one of the many, many workarounds that must have been necessary to make the game work within HW2’s architecture. For all we know, it might not have been possible to make only the first frigate captured retire… but yeah, it’s still a shame. I always left that mission with at least three stolen frigs in Classic.

I did not think to check whether I was receiving full build cost or half for the captured frigates. However, the amount of resources present in the mission plus the RUs from the frigates I captured left me with enough to build five assaults of my own, so it seemed to balance out in the end. It’ll put a damper on any attempt to do a salvage run if it isn’t fixed, though.

Had the same bug, restarting the mission fixed it.