Cannot connect to already existing Shift account


First of all, sorry if this is a repost, I’ve tried to look around and couldn’t find anything pertaining to my problem.

I have just launched Bordelands: The Pre-Sequel (Steam) for the first time, and I am greeted by this screen:

Naturally, I click okay and input the name I used for my Borderlands 2 Shift account. It tells me it already exists but won’t let me log in to my account.

Is there anything I can do to bypass this and connect to my Shift account?

Thanks in advance

I notice you are either already in an on-line co-op party or have a second controller/account signed in at the same time. I suggest trying again but only having the one account signed in/joined. If both those accounts are local, make sure each one is set up in TPS separately before trying a co-op session.

You can check that your SHIFT account is linking through Extras > SHIFT. Do that before hitting the Social menu.

This happens when I try to play solo. If I’m in a party (join via Steam invite) the notification disappears.

Odd, because your screen shot above shows you as being in a co-op party already (rykerish and DocPixel). Let me check something… nope, wasn’t that.

What do you see if you just fire up the game and go straight to Extras > SHIFT?

It was my third time launching the game, trying to figure out if being in a coop party help (it did when my friend launched the game from his side and I was pulled into it). I still can’t play solo though… :confused:

But can you get in to the Extras > SHiFT menu?

Nope, I immediately get stuck on this screen.

Ok so I fixed it. Basically, it was linked to my account correctly but the Display name was already in use in this game (but not in BL2 when I signed up) so it wouldn’t use the specific name and had no issues with linking the game to my account. Took a while to figure out, thanks for your help!