Cannot Digistruct Jetbeast

My quest is to digistruct a jetbeast and join a possee or something.
I can’t digistruct anything. My jetbeast got blown up when I first got it, and I’ve never been able to make one. I’m now blocked from progressing in the story.

I’ve tried capturing enemy jetbeasts and feeding them to the digistructor, but this hasn’t worked. It says I get new parts, but I still can’t make one.

On top of that, while this quest is active, enemy jetbeasts don’t spawn, so I can’t capture one and try to join the posse or whatever. I’m completely blocked from progressing.

Thank you for the game I really enjoy it. Please hotfix this or something.

The quest is called “Riding to Ruin”, and the goals are to “Kill Rose” and “Digistruct Jetbeast”.

Same thing has happened to me. I am stuck as well.

On Xbox, I had the same issue. Solved it by doing a mission with vehicle parts as reward, which then enabled me to digustruct a jetbeast to continue the mission. (Unless it was the hotfix and I’m just seeing a coincidence)


As an update @mull0263 Completely quit Borderlands 3, Restart, and let hotfixes apply.

Apparently they fixed it.

Thanks kindly @gearbox

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I just got this late last night. I logged in today and let the hotfixes apply. I cannot digistruct a jetbeast. I’ve tried exiting totally out and reloading. I’ve even reloaded my whole computer. I still cannot digistruct a jetbeast. I guess I’m not playing this for a while…

Did you try doing one of the side missions that reward car parts? Apparently that worked for Psychichazard.

Maybe try one of these quests:
Complete the side-mission ‘Devil Rustlers’ from Rancher Margot in The Blastplains
Complete the mission ‘The Dandy and Damsel’ in Bloodsun Canyon on Gehenna.
Unlock: Complete the side-mission ‘Saurdew Valley’ from Rancher Margot in The Blastplains.
Unlock: Complete the mission ‘Money Back Guarantee’ in The Blastplains on Gehenna.

I may have completed one of those inadvertantly while running through a second time after my first character was blocked. I don’t remember.

I actually fixed this yesterday. My problem had to do entirely with my resolution. I have an ultra-wide monitor and run at 3440x1400. Running at that resolution has always had problems with the menu interface in this game. Any time you go into your skills, or guardian ranks, or whatever, stuff is cut off and you can’t see certain options at the bottom of the screen. This was the same for the catch-a-ride interface, but for the first time it actually effected usability. There was no option to digistruct the jetbeast even when hitting the correct button.

I switched my resolution to windowed 1920x1080 and the menu’s oriented themselves correctly and magically the button appeared to digistruct the jetbeast and now it works. It also works when I go back to 3440x1400 (despite being cut off by the resolution again) but if I quit the game when I reopen the game I have to flip resolutions at least once to get it to work every session. Weird.