Cannot do “sanctuary” mission

Hopefully I’m in the right place to ask for help.

I started the sanctuary mission (level 18), got to the part where you get on the ship, and now I’m at the part where it says “install astronav” and my buddy invited me to join his game. I mistakenly joined rather than going to his name to invite him to a party chat.

He was way further into the game than I was, then when I went back to my game I wasn’t on the sanctuary ship anymore.

I tried to fast travel back to it so I can continue the main mission and it doesn’t show as a fast travel option in the sanctuary part of the map. I’m not driving, I can fast travel anywhere else. I’ve also tried to go back in the drought in that big building in the middle on top where the ship originally landed to pick me up. The ship is no longer there for me to get onto.

So now I’m just stuck on the drought with the next task to “install the astronav” on sanctuary with no way of getting there. Can somebody please help me out? Is there another way of getting there?

Thanks… don’t want to restart I’m already level 18

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Hey I’m stuck in the same spot. Ever figure it out?

Can you go to your map and fast travel to sanctuary?


Wont let me fast travel and the ship is gone. I got on the ship when I joined my sons game. He is a higher level than me but still wont let me fast travel in my solo game.

sounds like you may have joined his game farther along in the story line then your Solo game is, if your Solo game still has a main objective follow that and when you reach the point in the game where you joined the CoOp game it should ask if you want to skip ahead past completed missions.

If that’s not it, I do have a couple mules I still need to get to Sanctuary some time, would not mind helping someone through

And me theecartman is my gamer tag. The thing is I cant fast travel and there is no way to get to santuary.

A few stats,

  1. I’m on Xbox1
  2. Time zone is Eastern Standard Time (-5 GMT)
  3. I’m on between about 8:30 pm to around midnight every night
  4. My forum name is my GT, so you can always send a message and if I see you on, I’ll send an Invite.
  5. I do have a mic,
    If we are on the same system and my time zone is not to far off of yours, then I look forward to helping you out.
    I got your GT and if I don’t see a message from you, then I’ll send one to you

Note- the mule I’ll use has not started the game yet (made it in Sanctuary, in a friends game), so it will start at Claptrap

Sounds good. I western time but that might work out.