Cannot download DLC

hey everyone.

So me and my mate tried to download DLC for TPS on xbox 1

However, the entire DLC menu doesnt come up in the main menu. we tried it on 2 accounts, but we do not get the option of going to a DLC menu, it sismply missing.

This is with the Handsome Collection.

Can anyone help?

Kind Regards,

Mike Cleven.

All DLC (excluding Claptrap Voyage which is an Update) is already on the disc/part of the digital download for the Handsome Collection, no other downloads but the mandatory ones necessary.

Sooo… how do i activate them? where can i start them? we are now starting our third round but havent found anything remotely similar to the DLC missions

They are accessed by the Fast Travel Stations, The Holodome and Deck 13 1/2 are the “DLC” ones. “Jack” and Aurelia are DLC classes.
There’s also the Abandoned Training Facility which you can reach from Outlands Canyon.

thank you!

i will check it this weekend, lets hope i can access it.