Cannot download insiders wallpaper

So I purchased a wallpaper with my VIP points, but when I click the download link the image opens up in new tab and when I try to save the image Chrome says the download is blocked. Am I doing something wrong here?

Chrome is blocking some activities on the VIP site, so you should use different browser.

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So I redeemed the desktop background on my phone and closed the window. Then I went to my desktop to download it, it states the max amount of downloads has been reached. It was for the Borderlands 3 FL4K Art. What do I do, did I just lose the points I spent on it?

I apologize if this is the wrong forum, as I didn’t see one specifically for support. I recently purchased the BL3 character wallpapers with VIP points. I wasn’t able to download them at the time of purchase. When I return to download them now, there is no option to download. As well they don’t allow for repurchase.

Is there a way I can obtain these through support?

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For anyone still looking.

I just found that if you go to your SHIFT profile page. Where it lists your reward redemptions there is a link to download each redeemed media item.