Cannot find games

I live in Japan. I play on PC.
I spent 30 minutes, 30 MINUTES of my free time trying to find Capture and Incursion matches AND COULD NOT GET MATCHED WITH ANYONE. I then queue up for a story mission in the HOPES of trying to complete all of the missions OF WHICH I HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO BECAUSE STORY MATCHMAKING GIVES YOU RANDOM MAPS, BUT NOT THE ONES I NEED!

How long does it take me to find a game in Overwatch? 20 seconds.
In Heroes of the Storm? 1 to 2 minutes.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING WRONG HERE?! How do you expect me to play your game, when it takes HOURS to try and find a match?!
This is insane. I wanted to like this game. I enjoyed the beta, but I don’t have hours to waste trying to find matches, you need to fix your matchmaking.

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Look at Battleborn’s amount of players and compare it with HotS and overhyped and you’ll understand.

That helps me how, exactly? "No one is playing this game. Which means no one can play it."
Guess I should ask for my money back? Hah!

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That helps you understand it’s not a matchmaking problem but rather the fact there is NOBODY to match you with.
Right now there are less than 2 000 players, divide this on the different part of the globe and on the different kind of matches (story / advanced story / heliophage / capture / incursion / meltdown) and THIS is why you can’t find a match.

The fact remains, a game which I cannot play is useless to me. I’m going to play Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and DOOM, where I don’t have to waste huge amounts of my time in the hopes of being able to play. Battleborn is a fiasco.

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I feel your pain ! That is too long to have to wait. I hope you get a fix on it asap. It does seem that the PC matchmaking has issues all over the world atm. (I am in Australia and have HUGE wait times to get a pvp game or any game for that matter. Up to Three hours wait time has been the longest so far.) I have been in the queue for 45 minutes thus far and have not found anyone else.
Sadly Battleborn will die due to this terrible matchmaking system, they just do not seem to care as long as the Americas get a constant match happening.

Check this out: 101. Battleborn 1,899 current players 12,070 peak from as the graph shows the game is dying and fast. They sadly only have themselves to blame. There is a fix however - change your download area to the closest American area, you will get a game faster BUT you will suffer some lag issues.

It is actually a matchmaking problem. Since the last update there have been even more issues w/ matchmaking (in some regions) & w/ performance, which in turn causes ppl to play something else, which in turn perpetuates matchmaking issues b/c of fewer players.

The game is a lot of fun, but it should not be sliding this much this fast. I’ve been playing through a lot of performance issues since the Alani update, but a lot of folks aren’t gonna do that, especially if OW runs great and anyone can jump into a game. It’s really, really disappointing. I enjoy this game a lot more than most other multiplayer games to come out recently, I’m not really into OW, and I expected to play BB for a long time to come. Evolve had problems, but it had a viable PC playerbase to just jump in & play for at least 6 months before matchmaking became really spotty.

I expected a fairly low but relatively stable playerbase for BB, but the issues w/ matchmaking & performance (& players disconnecting from games after they’ve started for any number of dumb reasons: wrong map/mission, character already picked, game not going perfectly) are sending ppl away, and likely to cause user reviews to start trending mixed/negative again. It’s extra depressing b/c I just don’t like OW that much & I’m not a fan of straight up MOBAs either, this is close to the only game of its kind right now, and I just wanna be able to play it & not have to worry.

The best you can do for now it set your region to NA/US - you should be able to find some games that way w/ 3-5 minute queues.

How can I “change my download area”? Steam goes off IP address. I have a Japanese IP so Battleborn puts me on Asia servers. The only way around it is a proxy which comes with HUGE lag issues.

As posted on the official Battleborn Twitter today:

“Heads up #Battleborn! We’ve made an improvement to matchmaking that should shorten wait times for people experiencing long queues.”

Haven’t seen much, if any improvement on PS4 today, located in Australia.

It’s still takes what feels like forever to find a team… And then takes even longer to find the opponent team… And then is riddled with disconnects in the character selection screen or main match, so the whole waiting was pointless.

I’d like to know ‘how/what’ was exactly improved… But kudos for trying I guess?

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The game is dying you say?? Yeah maybe for PC… But that doesn’t actually mean the game is dying does it? On PS4, it takes me less than a few minutes… I guess the PC is slowly dying itself… Console is much cheaper to maintain, has a LOT less hackers, and nearly everyone has one :slight_smile:… So no, the game isn’t dying, you just chose the wrong platform.

Looks at Steam user numbers of 75 million
haha yeah, okay. PC gaming is dying, whatever you say.


And how many of those are bots, or people who just use steam as messenger or don’t play at all?

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Other than the fact that PC gaming is a growing market that has been increasing steadily…sure. We’ll just go with what you said instead of the actual facts.

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Been watching another member of my household sitting in the queue for several songs on rage (Australian music TV show, if you aren’t Australian) now… Refreshing, people leaving, refreshing, not able to find an opposing team, refreshing… Nothing… It must be well over 15-20 minutes now… So it’s not just PC.

Increasing steadily? I highly doubt it, post your facts compared to console numbers and then I will listen… But my main problem was to claim a game is dying because steam has such small player base for said game is absolutely idiotic… PC players think the world revolves around them, nuff said…

I’m in the UK, so I guess it is the lack of Austrailian servers… Totally unrelated to PC :slight_smile:

That took me literally two seconds of googling.


I’m just pointing out there’s problems across different platforms with matchmaking, queue times, etc…
And yes, lack of Aussie servers don’t help…
It’s searching, it’s finding people to match teams, but barely… Sigh.

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Guess it’s mobile market oops

A hell of a lot less than is STILL needed to beat the 40 million people who bought PS4’s. Not to mention all the PC Gamers who don’t use steam.
Don’t even try to defend your pathetic console fanboyism, you are incredibly transparent and pathetic.
The fact remains, Gearbox is failing to provide a service to their customers.
If you have a problem with that, then YOU relay to them that they shouldn’t have released on PC, a market which was built upon the FPS genre.